The Outer Worlds To Feature Loading Screen Art That Corresponds With Player Choices

The Outer Worlds To Feature Loading Screen Art That Corresponds With Player Choices

Last updated on February 21st, 2019

New details revealing The Outer Worlds loading screens shows that choices made in-game will not only affect narrative but will be echoed in the loading screens.

The Outer Worlds To Feature Loading Screen Art That Corresponds With Player Choices

You might notice that the artstyle shows a propaganda theme, as it follows The Outer World narrative. In an article with Gameinformer, Obsidian have shared a few more details about the plot of their upcoming sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds. We had learnt that the title would not follow the usual open-world structure, instead of having one entire world to roam, but two planets that exist on the Halcyon System. One planet called Terra and one called Monarch, but these two worlds do not get along:

We have these two planets – one is Terra, one is Monarch – and the people of Terra don’t like the people of Monarch. They’re making propaganda films to sell to the people why it’s bad there.

The Outer Worlds’ art lead – Daniel Alpert

These artworks really reflect the situation between Terra and Monarch, and the loading screens will definitely remind you that these worlds run by corporations are not harmonious. Player’s choices will affect the artwork shown during loading screens, reminding players of their actions:

These are some of my favorite pieces in the game. As you play through, you affect story events. You get these loading screens that are like newspaper-printed images of things the player has done. In a single playthrough, you can’t get all the newspaper images.

Co-director – Leonard Boyarsky

We also get a look at some of the outfits that characters will be adorning in the game, featuring tactical and military styled designs. Alpert went on to say that even corporations have distinct colour schemes that make it easy to recognise:

Like, you go into a Spacer’s Choice town, and you know it’s a Spacer’s Choice town. You go into an Auntie Cleo town, and you know it’s an Auntie Cleo town.

It was last week when we got more details of The Outer Worlds version of the VATS system Tactical Time Dilationas well as the role of Leadership and how it be key to companion support gameplay.

You can check out the loading screen art and outfits below:

While the exact release date has not been shared, the title is set to release sometime this year 2019. Just last week we got news that The Outer Worlds will be priced at $60 retail and will be available with a physical version for PS4 and Xbox One, while PC will remain digital.

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