The Outer Worlds Is Getting A Nintendo Switch Version

The Outer Worlds Is Getting A Nintendo Switch Version

Obsidian have announced that The Outer Worlds will be coming to the Nintendo Switch but later than other platform releases.

The Outer Worlds Is Getting A Nintendo Switch Version

The Outer Worlds has already been announced to coming to platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC this October, but a new release has been announced for the Switch. While it won’t be launching at the same time as the other platforms, it will be coming later on.

Obsidian have partnered with the developer Virtuos to port The Outer Worlds, who has worked on bringing titles such as Dark Souls and L.A. Noir to the Switch.

The title while providing an open-world experience will be based on a two Planets, in the Halcyon colony. The game also offers character creation, customisation, combat including it’s own version of the Fallout VATS system. It will also have a lot of “player choice and consequence” according to the new trailer.

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

If this port is done right, this could be a really fun way to play The Outer Worlds, whether in docked mode or on the go. With the newly announced Switch lite, there will be more options hopefully to play on different devices. However, they have not confirmed whether the Lite will be able to play this title, but assuming that the new device can play all current games this should be the case of The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds will arrive on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 25th 2019. The Switch version will arrive later which has yet to be announced exactly when.

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