The Lords of the Fallen New Screenshots Featuring Terrifying Bosses & Weapons

The Lords of the Fallen New Screenshots Featuring Terrifying Bosses & Weapons

New screenshots have been unveiled for The Lords of the Fallen reboot featuring enemies, menacing bosses and more.

The Lords of the Fallen New Screenshots Featuring Terrifying Bosses & Weapons

The Action-RPG soulslike The Lords of the Fallen has gotten new screenshots in-game that have now appeared on its Steam listing page. The new images show off some menacing-looking enemies, including more colossal-sized beings. One particular boss swoops down upon the back of a flying beast with three heads.

Putting their heads together…

Weapons, Locations and More

Other screenshots show an archer setting up their shot to take down an iron-clad foe accompanied by some smaller enemies. Each image is highly detailed, and even gives a glimpse of a hefty greatsword with detailed etchings. This looks to be the Ravager Greatsword which was teased recently on the official Twitter account. The enemies look quite varied as there are some more supernatural-looking beings.

One shot shows the main character overlooking the landscape where in the distance a gigantic hand protrudes from the ground. There’s also a river of lava glowing in the middle of the scene. The player looks to be wielding an axe in one hand, while carrying a shield in the other and a bow on their back.

Another screenshot shows a fully armoured player carrying a mace. The game looks to have quite a few ruins to explore which are probably inhabited by these unyielding combatants.

Lava? Check. Creepy-looking giant hand? Check. All the makings of a scary good time.

Reboot, Remake or Sequel?

In case you missed it, The Lords of the Fallen is a reboot of the original title of the same name, but adds a “The” to mark its new beginning dropping the “2”. Expected to release sometime in 2023, the Action-RPG received a trailer in December last year at The Game Awards. Its trailer revealed its set in the same dark fantasy world as the first title, however taking place thousands of years after those events. This time around the Dark Crusader is aided by a mystical lantern, which seems to help exorcise the dead. Your role will be to embark upon a quest to overthrow the demon lord Adyr. Players will have vast locations to explore with interconnected worlds.

Slow and heavy wins the battle

With the success of Elden Ring, players could be thirsting for more dark fantasy. In this sequel, Hexworks (a studio under CI Games) aims to introduce faster-paced combat and be five times the size of the original in terms of scale. The game also promises “uninterrupted online co-op” which is a brand-new feature for this IP.

The Lords of the Fallen will be coming to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2023.

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