The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Reveal at E3 2018

Last updated on June 17th, 2018

Today we got a more in-depth look for the gameplay of The Last of Us Part II at the Playstation conference at E3 2018. The trailer shows off some of the combat, stealth and storyline.

The Last of Us Part 2 Gameplay Reveal at E3 2018

The trailer starts off lulling us into a false sense of security, a warm and intimate embrace between main character Ellie and a love interest Dina. The next scene is a stark contrast as we witness Ellie on a path of retribution. Her journey will take her on a war path to bring justice to those who have wronged her.

Ellie’s world is full of hostile enemies, she must endure physical, emotional and mental pressure that will be followed closely in the gameplay. Naughty Dog touts a complete overhaul in terms of combat mechanics, adding a new stealth system and new ways to deal with different situations. The enemy AI, for example, has been reworked to handle complex mechanics such as checking if a player is hiding under a car, and the combat has been made more fluid.

The developer sets to bring a greater sense of reality to this gritty, violent world with graphic scenes. The Last of Us Part II brings back characters from the first game and introduces additional ones including Dina played by Shannon Woodward and Jesse played by Stephen Changed.

Last of Us Part II Screenshots:

The release window for The Last of Us Part II not known yet, but we do know it will be playable on Playstation 4. The first game in the series The Last of Us Part I is currently available to play on PS4, with its original release back in 2013 on Playstation 3.

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5 comments on “The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Reveal at E3 2018”

  1. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    It was brutal. Like Naughty Dog is making violence porn. It may be too much for me.

  2. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    I remember in the early 2000s Eli Roth was making all these horror movies that the media called "torture porn". Growing up I was a big horror fan, but I passed on most of this stuff. Not that it was too much for me, but it just seemed like pointless shock value.

  3. ckmishn says:

    People sometimes poke fun at pandas for their reluctance to procreate despite the species being endangered. Apparently Ellie is now a panda.

  4. Avatar announakis says:

    I loved it! I get way more excited by this than any other game announced at E3. I particularly like the contrast between the human interactions and the cheer brutality of the confrontations…the pace of the chase is so insane! I cannot wait to play it!
    I will replay the original one now!

  5. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    What are you getting at? ‘Splain yourself.

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