The Games Awards 2020 Will Feature ‘A Dozen-Plus Games’ To Be Announced

The Games Awards 2020 Will Feature ‘A Dozen-Plus Games’ To Be Announced

The Game Awards 2022 will run to two and a half hours and will feature a dozen of games to be announced or revealed for the first time according to Geoff Keighley.

The Games Awards 2020 Will Feature ‘A Dozen-Plus Games’ To Be Announced

In the Reddit AMA today, Geoff Keighley revealed a number of details about The Game Awards 2020 which is happening this Thursday 10th December. He answered some questions from fans who wanted to know what would be in store for the digital game show this year.

According to host and producer Geoff Keighley, there will be “a good dozen-plus games that will be announced / revealed at the show for the first time”. While of course the event will be awarding games this year, including naming Game of The Year 2020, there will also be a number of announcements as reveals as usual. Keighley shares “around 12 to 15” main show reveals will be happening, which include both “big triple-A games and also smaller titles too”.

Game events tend to like to surprise viewers with ‘just one more thing’ reveals at the end of their segment or have surprise reveal, when Keighley was asked if that would happen at TGA 2020, he shared “I guess you just have to tune in and find out!”

Other details announced include that the main stage is in Los Angeles, and nominees will join the show virtually. There will also be the London Philharmonic in London, as well as something in the works from Tokyo as well. The whole show will be around 2.5 hours long, which is similar to the length of previous TGAs. There is a host that Keighley has been excited about to join the show, which will be revealed soon.

Recently it was announced that Dragon Age 4 and Crimson Desert would both be at TGA 2020, plus rumours that Elden Ring could be appearing as well.

The Game Awards 2020 will be live on December 10th at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET / midnight GMT. A pre-show will take place 30 minutes earlier hosted by Sydnee Goodman. You can catch the whole thing live on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and more.

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