The Game Awards 2019 Adds Digital Event The Game Festival with Free Demos

The Game Awards 2019 Adds Digital Event The Game Festival with Free Demos

The Games Awards just got a little bigger as they have added a “digital consumer event” called The Game Festival, letting everyone test out demos this December.

TGA 2019 Adds Digital Event The Game Festival with Free Demos

As The Game Awards 2019 kicks off on Thursday, gaming fans can check out some free demos on Steam from 10am PT on December 12th to 10am PT on December 14th. Games include Nightdive Studios’ System Shock, Chucklefish’s adventure RPG Eastward, Thunder Lotus’ Spiritfarer, United Label’s Roki, Team17’s Moving Out, Greg Lobanov’s Chicory, Brain&Brain’s Wooden Nickel, The Game Bakers’ Haven, 2pt Interactive’s Heavenly Bodies, Powerhoof’s The Drifter and Acid Knife, Devolver Digital’s Carrion, and Glass Bottom Games’ SkateBIRD.

A post by Geoff Keighley that announced the event express how he wanted to extend the event to gamers in completely “digital approach”, allowing not only those who attend the game show in person but also those at home to be apart of it:

Six years ago I bet everything I had to create The Game Awards as a way to celebrate our passion for gaming. Now feels like the right time to take the next step with The Game Festival, a completely digital approach to the consumer event space. Let’s face it: Not everyone can attend a physical trade show or consumer event. The Game Festival is designed from the ground-up as an event without barriers, extending the benefits of a physical event to the global gaming community that watches The Game Awards.

This new digital fest should grab the attention of the many viewers who will be watching tomorrow, in a more inclusive way. It looks like The Game Awards is embracing a more virtual present as well as a physical one this year.

Don’t forget to catch The Game Awards 2019 live by watching Fextralife Twitch channel on Thursday 13th December 5:30 PM PT, where we’ll be co-hosting and reacting to all the reveals.

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