The Elder Scrolls Online Receives A New Patch On PC

The Elder Scrolls Online Receives A New Patch On PC

Following a period of server maintenance today, The Elder Scrolls Online received a new patch for PC players that addresses some issues of the popular MMO. The patch makes changes to the base game as well as some of the DLC content.

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 2.6.7 Notes


The Elder Scrolls Online v2.6.7 is an incremental patch that fixes issues surrounding itemization, dungeons, and Dark Anchors. In addition, we’ve fixed the issue where Undaunted Delve daily quests were not cycling properly. The size of this patch is approximately 210MB.

Fixes & Improvements, Imperial City DLC Game Pack

Exploration & Itemization

  • Fixed an issue where Lord Warden Dusk, located in Imperial City Prison, was dropping the incorrect set items. You will now receive the proper set items for a dungeon’s final boss.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lord Warden Dusk’s Monster Mask would drop at Blue quality. It will now drop at Purple quality, as intended.


Fixes & Improvements, Thieves Guild DLC Game Pack

Quests & Zones


Fixes & Improvements, Base Game Patch

Combat & Gameplay

Dark Anchors

  • Monsters summoned by Dark Anchors can no longer be attacked before they land.
  • The Dread Flesh Colossus and Dread Grievous Twilight will now drop loot.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Blessed Crucible
    • The Lava Atronachs will no longer persist after combat in the event the Lava Queen gets stuck.
  • Elden Hollow I
    • Canonreeve Oraneth will now shield herself less often with Necrotic Shield.
  • Tempest Island
    • Stormreeve Neidir will no longer follow cowardly player characters away from the summit of Tempest Island.

Exploration & Itemization

  • Fixed an issue where Yokudan Style chapters would not display “Already in your Lore Library” if you had previously read them.
    • This fix also adds the Yokudan Style to the Eidetic Memory section of your Lore Library; previously, it was absent.

Item Sets

Quests & Zones

  • Undaunted Delve daily quests will now properly cycle.


  • The Belkarth Wayshrine is now revealed when you enter Craglorn for the first time.
  • Dawn of the Exalted Viper: Fixed an issue where you could not progress past the first phase of the fight associated with this quest.


  • Fixed an issue where an NPC in Deshaan was instantly respawning.


The Elder Scrolls Online recently launched its One Tamriel update which dramatically changed the core game experience on both PC and consoles. Take a look at our comprehensive One Tamriel guide for a detailed breakdown of everything that has changed and what it means going forward.

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