The Elder Scrolls Online New Crown Store Items For The Week of June 29th

The Elder Scrolls Online New Crown Store Items For The Week of June 29th

The Elder Scrolls Online has revealed the new items available in their Crown Store this week. The Crown Store is developer Zenimax Online’s player shopping portal where they can purchase new cosmetic items, mounts, homes, pets, repair kits, potions and a ton more. Let’s take a look at the new goodies you can pick up for your characters today.

The Elder Scrolls Online New Crown Store Items – June 29th

Holiday in Balmora Outfit

Description: “With the growth of Balmora, sport hunting in Morrowind has a new capital,” says designer Voldsea Arvel. “Whether you’re pursuing nix-oxen or hunting hive golems, dress for the chase in these luscious leathers!”
Cost: 500 Crowns

Grazelands Gentlemer Farmer

Description: “Just because you’re reclaiming the wastelands from the barbaric Ashlanders doesn’t mean you have to dress like a savage,” says Davon’s Watch designer Voldsea Arvel. “You’re a proud House Dunmer, so why not look like one?”
Cost: 500 Crowns

Looking fresh to death! Seriously though, wearing these into battle may yield some interesting results. If you missed the news coming out of this year’s E3, at Bethesda’s conference, 2 upcoming DLC packs were revealed, Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City and you can learn about both on the wiki. As always, keep checking back with us for everything ESO!

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