The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood Available on PC

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood Available on PC

The newest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Brotherhood is now available on PC, and will be available on June 14th for PS4 and Xbox One players. For the first time, players will be able to join the sinister Dark Brotherhood guild and engage in some bloodthirsty activities.

A merciless guild of assassins rises to power in Tamriel, and your murderous talents make you a prime recruit. Explore the Gold Coast and discover if you have what it takes to become one of Tamriel’s master assassins in the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack. From the bustling port city of Anvil to the Great Cathedral of Kvatch, the business of the Brotherhood consists of murder and mayhem—and business is good! Join the Brotherhood, enter the Sanctuary, and accept your first contract from the mysterious Speaker. Kill well, assassin!

Dark Brotherhood Update

The new DLC introduces a new zone, the Gold Coast, where players can explore seminal Tamriel towns like Kvatch and Anvil. The content comes with a new skill line, new quests and more. Additionally some major changes to the base game are being employed through a patch that is free for everyone. Some significant notes from the patch:

  • Veteran Ranks have been removed, which unifies leveling into one system.
  • The following features have been added: Nameplates, Item Locking, Repair warnings, Enchanting updates, Class balance adjustments, Trait Improvements, Poison making, Hats and Personalities
  • Some tweaks to the Grouping Tool/Activity Finder include Vote to Kick, Ready Check, and Deserter Debuffs
  • For PVP additions, there are Cyrodil latency improvements, Imperial City district capture, and new vendors with scaled gear.
  • ESO Plus members will also receive a Crafting bag which is a nearly limitless storage bag for crafting supplies!

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Dark Brotherhood Contents

ESO Plus members have automatic access to the DLC, and all other players can purchase it from the Crown Store for 2,000 crowns. Here is a rundown of all the content you gain access to with the DLC:

  • Access to join the Dark Brotherhood and become an assassin-for-hire
  • The Gold Coast, available to characters of all levels, where you can explore Anvil and Kvatch for the first time since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • A new passive skill line, exclusive to Dark Brotherhood members
  • Hours of exciting story content and quests that allow you to revisit your favorite regions of Tamriel
  • New repeatable activities, including:
    • Bounty Quests: The Dark Brotherhood is not the only group on the Gold Coast that offers gold for martial expertise. Daily bounties await in the cities of Anvil and Kvatch
      • Take on these quests to conquer delves, battle in the Kvatch Arena, or vanquish a monstrous minotaur!
    • Contract Kill Quests: Elam Drals, the dry-humored Dark Elf assassin who maintains the Dark Brotherhood’s contracts, diligently keeps a ledger of targets marked for death and paid for with gold
      • Travel across the length and breadth of Tamriel to assassinate marked targets or engage in bloody murder sprees at the behest of the Dark Brotherhood
    • Sacrament Quests: Speaker Terenus, an agent of the Black Hand, haunts the Gold Coast Sanctuary to offer the most sacred missions to Dark Brotherhood assassins
      • Break into secured subterranean locations to slaughter targets invoked by the performance of the Black Sacrament. Avoid guards, disable traps, and complete bonus objectives to achieve the highest levels of prestige and the greatest rewards.
  • The Litany of Blood, a Dark Brotherhood kill mission targeting victims around the world
  • Two new delves, Hrota Cave and Garlas Agea, featuring brand new challenges and exciting rewards
  • Two new world boss encounters: The Kvatch Arena and Limenauruus the Minotaur, who guards Tribune’s Folly
  • Powerful new gear, unique crafting styles, and other rewards inspired by the deadly Dark Brotherhood
    • The new Assassin personality
    • Three new crafted item sets
    • Three new item sets available in the Gold Coast
    • Two new costumes awarded for completing quests in the Gold Coast
    • Two new Mementos and one new Polymorph for earning specific achievements in the Gold Coast
    • The new Viridian Venom Dye, for completing a specific achievement
  • The Assassins League crafting style
  • A brand new in-game musical score, inspired by the Dark Brotherhood and Gold Coast

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Accessing Dark Brotherhood

To access the new content, enter any Outlaws Refuge and approach an assassin by the name of Amelie Crowe. Speak to her to begin the Voices in the Dark quest. Progress through the events of the quest which will lead you to Anvil and put you on the path as a Dark Brotherhood initiate. You can also accept the Voices in the Dark quest by purchasing the DLC and navigating to the DLC tab in your Collections menu. You can also use the Wayshrine network to fast travel to Anvil on the Gold Coast. Amelie Crowe, the Dark Brotherhood main quest bestower, will be waiting for you in the Outlaws Refuge there.

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That’s a whole bunch of fresh content for this vast and engaging MMO. The Dark Brotherhood has always been an iconic element of the Elder Scrolls games, and dedicated players kicking around in Tamriel will now have a chance to partake in some wicked assassinations. Looking forward to it? Blood already on your hands? Let us know what you think in the comments! Don’t forget to visit our meticulously maintained Elder Scrolls Online Wiki for everything you need to succeed and consider joining our active and large Fextralife Guild.

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