The Division Previews Upcoming Changes To Loot System

The Division Previews Upcoming Changes To Loot System

As part of the continuing work-in-progress of Update 1.4 for The Division, Ubisoft has detailed some of the loot changes being made to the game when the update releases for the public. Presently the update is being tested in phases via a public test server, with no official date on when it will go live. The update, which has been previewed in parts before, is designed to address many of the issues players have had with the game, and loot and how it is acquired is a big part of those concerns. Here is a summary of what’s getting tweaked:

Summary of loot changes:

  • All enemies, except for non-named enemies in Incursions, have a chance to drop loot with a Gear Score appropriate for your World Tier.
  • Items have been divided into different pools to reduce overlap.
  • All Gear Sets are now available to all players.
  • More gear will drop in higher difficulties.
  • The final chest in Underground will only have the chance of a purple item in normal difficulty in World Tier 1.
  • Banshee’s Shadow will drop everywhere, just like any other Gear Set.
  • Level 33 mods have been added to the game. Mods are now available in all qualities.

Summary of weighting changes:

  • Loot weighting in Incursions will now focus on different equipment slots, not Gear Sets.

Summary of Sealed Caches and vendor changes:

  • Experience gained at level 30 will count towards Field Proficiency, which will award you with a Sealed Cache every time you fill your XP bar.
  • Sealed Caches award random items appropriate to your Gear Score and some Phoenix Credits.
  • Credit and Dark Zone vendors will sell Sealed Caches. The only difference between the two is that you get slightly more Phoenix Credits from the Dark Zone caches.
  • Refresh of Credit vendor stock is now weekly instead of daily.
  • The Dark Zone vendor in DZ06 will sell random Gear Sets, one for each slot. The Phoenix Credit Vendor will sell Gear Sets, one from each set but for random slots.
  • Prices for some gear has been lowered.
  • Dark Zone rank requirements have been lowered. You need DZ rank 20 to buy Dark Zone Sealed Caches.

Summary of crafting changes:

  • Crafting assignments will reward you Sealed Crafting Caches.
  • Division Tech requirements for crafting have been removed.
  • Blueprints for named weapons are no longer for sale. Old blueprints will not be removed, but will not scale.

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The shoot and loot RPG launched with a bang in March of this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but was plagued with issues from the start. However, the developer has committed to the dedicated player base with a planned rollout of these comprehensive changes. Have you been sticking with The Division? What are your thoughts on these revisions? Sound off in the comments.

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