The Division 2 Gets New Story Trailer

The Division 2 Gets New Story Trailer

The third-person shooter action-RPG The Division 2 from Ubisoft gets a new trailer that takes a journey through Washington D.C.

The Division 2 Gets New Story Trailer

The latest trailer shows the main conflict that takes place in The Division 2, where Washington D.C. has seen better days. The trailer gives off apocalyptic vibes as it shows the terrors that have taken a hold of America, seven months after the virus outbreak. As anarchy still rains supreme, ruthless factions prey on the weak and it is up to the Division to bring order back.

It was last week when Ubisoft announced that they would forgo Steam and choose new digital store Epic Games for their launch along with the Ubisoft store. It will be interesting to see as more publishers and developers choose other platforms to launch their titles.

You can check out the story trailer and screenshots below:

The Division 2 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 15th 2019. The private beta will go live February 7th to 10th for those who pre-order.

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