The Ascent’s First Paid DLC CyberSec Pack is Now Available

The Ascent’s First Paid DLC CyberSec Pack is Now Available

The Ascent has now got its first paid DLC called the CyberSec Pack plus an update adds free new transmog options.

The Ascent’s First Paid DLC CyberSec Pack is Now Available

The Ascent has now received its first paid DLC which is a CyberSec Pack that adds two new Weapons the NET MGL grenade launcher and RECOIL burst rifles, a new tactical called THE GR00P CLUSTER GRENADE, four new pieces of armor and four new animated weapon skins, all available for $4.99.

Also available is a new free update that introduces a new transmog feature, meaning Indents can now change their look to match the visual Armor style of any gear currently in their inventory. All you need to do is visit the Stylist and pay a small amount to gain some cool new options when it comes to style. You can find the Stylist in each safe-zone in Cluster 13, The Node and Arcology Highstreet.

According to the post-launch roadmap, The Ascent will be getting one more update by the end of the year, with another free update and paid DLC pack out in 2022.

In case you missed it, the Action-RPG title The Ascent made our Top 5 Upcoming RPGs Of July 2021. Offering both solo and co-op Action, the cyberpunk game by Neon Giant brings classic RPG mechanics, allowing players to build their own characters. Dive into a world full of verticality, as you explore a giant skyscraper while freely roaming the rundown world. The combat is described as fast-paced with plenty of enemies to blast away.

You can check out the notes for Patch #5 below which comes with gameplay fixes, stability improvements, photo mode, visual and audio fixes as well as more:

Patch #5 is now live on all platforms and addresses the below:

Performance (PC)
  • Fixed some instances of slow loading for Client Players when entering new areas in Online Coop.
Stability (all platforms)
  • Fixed some rare crashes on the Xbox One Game Pass version of the game.
  • Fixed a crash experienced by some Players on Xbox Series X during ‘Trading Places’ (Mission 3) that could occur during the ‘Access Ship Bridge’ objective.
Save Progress (all platforms)
  • Fixed an issue for some Players where applying the Halloween Skull Ink resulted in other inks vanishing.
  • Fixed numerous stability issues.
  • Improved joining stability on Game Pass for hotjoining Players.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Select Profile’ screen appeared on the Start Screen for hotjoining Client Players in some circumstances.
  • Various Local Coop fixes made to improve interactions with Vendors.
  • Fixed an issue where the Client Player would sometimes not be able to overwrite a Profile after accepting an invite if there was a connectivity issue.
  • Fixed an issue experienced by some Players where Main Menu UI elements would disappear after the Player closed the Select Profile tab, before accepting the invite to a game.
Gameplay (all platforms)
  • Fixed a navigation issue that could occur during ‘Empowerment’ (Mission 4) where Client Players could be taken in the wrong direction during the ‘Override Distribution Hub’ step.
  • Fixed an issue where the Player could be unable to close the Taxi overlay if they trigger a Taxi at the same time as a Vendor.
Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Player could trigger a Taxi ride, whilst in Photo Mode.
  • Fixed several issues where a softlock could occur when using Photo Mode during Taxi or Tier Elevator usage.
  • Fixed some minor Photo Mode UI glitches.
  • Fixed several issues with Photo Mode in Local Coop, such as Player 2 being unable to close the UI after activation & the Pause UI not appearing.
  • Fixed an edge case crash in Photo Mode that could happen when picking up an item at the same moment that Photo Mode is invoked.
  • All Coop Players should now be able to hear each other’s bullets.
Achievements (all platforms)
  • Fixed the ‘Flatliner’ Achievement issue where the Codex entries for Celine & Hung were sometimes not unlocked correctly.
  • Fixed an issue experienced by some Players where the ‘Hygiene’ Achievement was not being given when using certain sinks/toilets.
Translation (all platforms)
  • Fixes and improvements made to localisation across the game.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues.
Misc. Fixes (all platforms)
  • Numerous minor collision fixes addressed.
  • New ‘Downloadable Content’ button has been added to the Main Menu so you can easily find new content for ‘The Ascent’ for Steam and Xbox consoles. It will be added for Game Pass PC in our next patch.
  • We’ve added a build number to all versions of ‘The Ascent’, this is to aid in debugging future community issues. The number can be found in the lower right hand corner of the Main Menu. Please use this number when reporting issues, many thanks!

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