The Ascent Will Be Released on PS4 & PS5 in March; CyberWarrior DLC Released for PC

The Ascent Will Be Released on PS4 & PS5 in March; CyberWarrior DLC Released for PC

Publisher Curve Games and developer Neon Giant have announced the cyberpunk RPG The Ascent will be coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 in late March. New DLC CyberWarrior has now released on PC.

The Ascent Will Be Released on PS4 & PS5 in March; CyberWarrior DLC Released for PC

The Ascent the Action-RPG will be coming to platforms Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 in on March 24th according to developer Neon Giant. The title was originally released on PC back in July last year, making our  Top 5 Upcoming RPGs Of July 2021.

In case you missed it, The Ascent offers both solo and co-op fast-paced action gameplay meaning you can jump in with a friend. It uses classic RPG mechanics, allowing players to build their own characters, diving into a world full of verticality.

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The Ascent New Game+

A brand new game mode New Game+ has also been added for free available on Steam, so now you can take up further challenges in The Ascent. Players will be able to access this mode once they have completed the main campaign by choosing “Single Player” and then selecting “New Game+”. You can choose a save you want to change into New Game+ and head straight in. The devs tease those who finish the game once again may find some additional content.

In New Game+ you can bring in gear, weapons, knowledge and skills you have earned from your first run of the game, but this time with a higher level of difficulty when it comes to enemies. The level cap has also increased from 30, weapons upgrades increased past Mk.10 and more.

CyberWarrior DLC

The latest DLC CyberWarrior is now available for PC players for $4.99 / £3.99 / 4.99€. This latest content adds a new Samurai theme armor set. There are also 2 additional weapons, one new tactical and 3 new weapon skins. You can check out the details for the new additions below:

CyberWarrior DLC

2 New Weapons

  • Brosnan, a ballistic automatic rifle: low calibre ammunition combined with extreme exit speed allows for piercing bullets to cut through most obstacles, puncturing intestines and plating alike.
  • Interuptor, a new special weapon: stasis tech cleverly applied to live ammunition, allowing for great crowd control and pure blue chaos when used right!

1 New Tactical

  • PLM22 Surge, a lethal mine: mainly used as a defence against monobot and robot units, these charged proximity mines comes packed with a very strong digital blast that’ll fry most nearby systems.

7 Pieces of Armor

  • Feud Vest, Basic torso protection
    Light and unrestrictive. The Feud vest allows for great flexibility and doesn’t hinder your movement. A good choice when speed and efficiency are important.
  • Feud Armor, medium torso protection
    The main piece in the Feud line. It offers full upper body protection without slowing you down. If you want a true Cyber Warrior experience, this is for you.
  • Feud Banner, advanced torso protection
    What could possibly make the Feud Armor better? It carries with it many of the properties from the original armor but with a slightly more premium build.
  • Nomad, basic head protection
    An old-school helmet that’s mainly used when working outside of settlements in rough environments. Whilst not offering the latest in tech and features, it still provides solid protection against having your head bashed in.
  • Feud Mask, medium head protection
    The mark piece for the Cyber Warrior kit. You don’t need to fake a smile with this on. It does a decent job of protecting your face while also boosting several aspects of the wearer.
  • Feud Helmet, advanced head protection
    The full headpiece for the Cyber Warrior kit. If you want to put fear in your enemies, this is the answer. Thanks to very light material, it allows for great manoeuvrability despite its large size.
  • Feud Trousers, medium leg protection
    A set of fairly neutral trousers that goes with the Cyber Warrior Feud set. Offering a safeguard against your shins, the Feud Trousers complete Cyber Warrior experience.

3 New Weapon Skins

  • 2 new animated weapon skins: Glitch Green and Glitch Red
  • 1 new weapon skin: Ultra

Previously The Ascent received its first paid DLC called the CyberSac Pack which added new weapons,

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