The Ascent Patch Targets Performance Improvements Across Platforms

The Ascent Patch Targets Performance Improvements Across Platforms

Developer Neon Giant has released a new patch that addresses performance approvements for The Ascent across platforms.

The Ascent Patch Targets Performance Improvements Across Platforms

The Ascent gains a new patch which aims to improve the performance on Steam, Windows Store and Xbox consoles. The patch is now live for Steam and is in the process of development for other platforms. The most important part of the patch aims to help improve performance on the PC version, especially for the Windows version.

Currently, the Windows Store version suffers from poor frame rate and other technical hindrances. The new patch focuses on making DX12 the default for Windows Store players, which currently is set to DX 11 for default. The Windows Store version only supports DX12 regardless of whether DX11 is displayed in the game menu.

Ray tracing is also set to default as off on all platforms, and the patch will improve hot joining loading times on Steam and Xbox consoles. Also under stability, the patch will fix several crash-related issues for single-player and co-op, improving save progress on all platforms, and fixes issues where weapon skins, character shirts, and gear may be lost.

One improvement coming to all platforms is for achievements. The patch is currently only available on Steam, and will be coming to all platforms in the near future.

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