The Ascent New Story DLC “Cyber Heist” Announced, Releases August 18th
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The Ascent New Story DLC “Cyber Heist” Announced, Releases August 18th

The Ascent announces its first-ever story DLC a few days after its 1-year anniversary.

The Ascent New Story DLC “Cyber Heist” Announced, Releases August 18th

  • Genre: Action-RPG
  • Developed by: Neon Giant
  • Published by: Curve Games
  • Release date: August 18, 2022
  • Price: TBD (Cyber Heist DLC), $29.99 (Base Game)
  • Platforms: Windows (Steam), Xbox Consoles, PlayStation Consoles

Everyone’s favorite top-down cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent is finally getting a new story-focused DLC. On the day of its one-year anniversary, the Neon Giant Twitter account teased us with the new content. Now it has been confirmed that this new DLC will be called “Cyber Heist”.

The Ascent was one game that we thoroughly enjoyed last year (check out our review), and it is great to see that we’ll be getting another chance to explore the gigantic arcology on the planet Veles.

Cyber Heist

The new DLC is being called “Cyber Heist”. The gameplay was revealed in a very short 30-second teaser but was enough to get us quite excited. Based on the footage, we’re in for quite a bloody good time.

Up for a Heist?
Up for a Heist?

“Take on an Army” is one of the trailer’s highlights. It seems that players will be bombarded from all sides by swarms of enemies. This will be quite the show, considering how good The Ascent’s gameplay loop was. Explosions, debris, tracer fire, and general carnage are still being dealt out in spades in the teaser trailer.

Yup, that Looks Like an Army
Yup, that Looks Like an Army

Players who want to take on this heist must have already completed the game’s main campaign. Story-wise, it makes sense that Cyber Heist will be a piece of endgame content. Just like the base game, players can engage in Cyber Heist’s content either solo or in-coop.

Cyberpunk Warfare

Cyber Heist’s story revolves around our former employer, Kira. She has a new contract that will bring us to a totally new Arcology, this time controlled by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. Apparently, this group is hoarding new technology, and Kira wants a part of that. Of course, we’d take any chance to create carnage and mayhem. Hopefully, these new areas are more like Highstreet, and less like DeepStink or The Warrens.

It's Hammer Time!
It’s Hammer Time!

Players will explore totally new locations while battling totally new enemies. We’ll also get access to new weapons and armor. The most exciting new piece of gear though is the introduction of Melee Weapons. Previously, we only had ranged options.

Some Swordplay in The Ascent
Some Swordplay in The Ascent

Now we will be able to get our hands on swords, hammers, and more. We currently do not know if we’ll get access to new skill trees, but we did see a small whirlwind attack being performed in the teaser trailer. Right now we have merely the name of two weapons: Rock Crusher and Guillotine.

Reaching The Ascent

The Ascent is definitely a very good action RPG. It is available on PC, Xbox (and GamePass), and more recently, PlayStation consoles. The title has changed much since its initial release, including some Performance Enhancements, Ray-Tracing, and other paid DLC.

Some Eastern-Inspired Armor
Some Eastern-Inspired Armor

Previously, the game’s other DLC mostly consisted of various equipment packs and didn’t have anything new story-wise. Some of these included the Cyber Warrior Pack, Chongqing Pack, Cybersec Pack, and Holiday-themed Winter and Halloween packs.

The Ascent on Humble Montlhy Choice
The Ascent on Humble Montlhy Choice

If you want the base game for a good price, now’s actually the best time. The Ascent is currently the headliner for August 2022’s Humble Choice Bundle. For just $11.99, you can get The Ascent, Hotwheels Unleashed, A Plague Tale Innocence, Gas Station Simulator, and more.

More on the Game

The Ascent is a top-down RPG that feels like a twin-stick shooter. It featured high-action combat with a simple yet effective cover system. While its story was alright, its classless system allowed for endless customization in terms of stats, weapons, and actual character appearance.

Explore New Heights
Explore New Heights

Combat was definitely the highlight of the game.  Fights in The Ascent could get quite chaotic as it was very fast-paced and enemies could assault you from many angles. Because of the hectic but enjoyable pace, players are encouraged to be aggressive and keep moving and keep shooting.

Finding and collecting guns was also very satisfying. Majority of which would consist of basic weapons such as shotguns and assault rifles. However, there are some more exotic options like the Overwhelmer or the Disintegrator. Anyone would cower in fear with weapon names like that.

Ascending the Ascent

Be sure to check out our various guides for The Ascent. We have builds such as the Terminator Tank, Critical Commando, or Shotgun Slammer. Check out our Best Tips and Tricks for The Ascent as well! Lastly, visit our official The Ascent Wiki for more on the game.

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