TGS Sekiro Trailer reveals Spear, Wall Jumping, Hidden Walls & more

TGS Sekiro Trailer reveals Spear, Wall Jumping, Hidden Walls & more

A new trailer released by FromSoftware ahead of TGS 2018 reveals unknown features of upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Showing precious new footage and a display of cinematic introductions, the trailer sets the anticipation up a notch for the event to be held in just 10 days.

Sekiro TGS: Spear, Wall Jumping, Hidden Walls

First check out the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice TGS trailer, that we have added subtitles in English in our channel:


English Translation of TGS Sekiro Trailer

The commentary reveals some basic story information


Even if you fall
Uphold the Oath
To bring your master home
For you are my shinobi
I have witnessed
A Shura once before
The Mortal Blade (Fushikiri)
I accept its power
We meet again…
Son of the Owl
So the Young Lord’s Shinobi
Thinks he can stop us?
Loyal Wolf
Take my blood and live again


TGS Sekiro Trailer Gallery: Spear, Hidden Walls, Enemies

The gameplay reveal showcases new Enemies and Bosses, alongside a new Prosthetic Tool, the Spear.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will releasing next year on March 22nd 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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4 comments on “TGS Sekiro Trailer reveals Spear, Wall Jumping, Hidden Walls & more”

  1. Avatar elohim says:

    Is spear prostetic extension weapon ?

    If so, there could be a hammer.

  2. Datatrop says:

    wow i need this shit right now :D

  3. Avatar lordnoah says:

    i’m even more disappointed watching this videos

    the prosthetic gadgets so far except for the grappling hook are just a worse sidearm making it completely unnecessary

    and worse the main character has both a past, people who know and reference this past and "VOICE" which kills any attempt of role playing

    not just that but the combat is entirely stealth and parry reliant, the two things i hate the most in games after shooter

    and the thing i hate the most is when a game tries to force me to work for a character i hate , if there is a ending where you kill this prince i might buy the game for this alone

  4. Avatar elohim says:

    They are not just a sidearm.
    Many have more than one functionalites.

    For example, one could parry and have light, sweap and combo attack.
    Second has heavier smash, stance break attack.
    I’ve seen one which operates like parry but instead frontal attack, shinobi dashes behind the enemy and makes a critical hit.

    And every weapon has combos which we haven’t seen that much in the videos.

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