TEVI is an Upcoming Mix of Anime, Metroidvanias, and Bullet-Hell Games
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TEVI is an Upcoming Mix of Anime, Metroidvanias, and Bullet-Hell Games

TEVI is an upcoming Metroidvania that promises to create a perfect blend of anime, bullet-hells, and Metroidvanias. 

TEVI is an Upcoming Mix of Anime, Metroidvanias, and Bullet-Hell Games

Fans of the Metroidvania genre have yet something else to look forward to this November. Releasing on November 29th, 2023 is the upcoming TEVI, an anime-inspired Metroidvania that also mixes some bullet-hell gameplay elements into the mix. 

The result is a colorful and chaotic romp through the expansive land of Az. This land is full of mystery, secrets, and tons and tons of combat. This sprawling continent is shared between three main races: the magical humans, the beastkin, and the cybernetic magitech. The mixture of might, magic, and technology has shaped the way that Az is today, though this is not without problems. 

TEVI - Some Respite

Due to the differences in ideologies, this has sparked conflict between the races which has led to hostility along the way.

A Tale of Two Tevis

In TEVI, you will play the titular protagonist Tevi, a headstrong bunny-eared girl with a conductor’s hat. She is quite the nimble combatant, as she has a wide array of dodges and jumps at her disposal. Tevi will need it, as she works best while in melee range. Our character wields a trusty dagger and massively oversized wrench to stab and whack her foes, respectively. 

TEVI - Different Biomes to Explore

Here to assist us are our friends Celia and Sable, two mysterious characters that look to act like some sort of conscience to our Tevi. This is further hinted at because Celia has some pretty small angelic wings behind her, while Sable has the traditional bat wings. The pair can both turn into floating orbs called orbitars, which orbit around our little Tevi. 

TEVI - Dodge This

In this form, Celia and Sable can provide ranged support in the form of raw damage, buffs for Tevi, or debuffs for the enemies. 

Bullets in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

TEVI at its heart is a Metroidvania. However, it does stand out from the crowd by mixing in the bullet hell genre, where entire screens are filled with deadly projectiles that our character has to avoid, while still being on the offensive. 

TEVI - A Map to Explore

On the Metroidvania side of things, Tevi features a huge and interconnected world of about 40 distinct locations. As usual, there will be some sections of the map that will be inaccessible the first time you pass through, promoting backtracking once you’ve unlocked the relevant upgrades. The game is expected to last about 35 hours for a casual playthrough, but players can expect much more if they intend to explore every nook and cranny. 

Fighting Fighters

Onto the Bullet Hell side, what makes Tevi shine even brighter are the larger-than-life boss battles. These spectacular encounters feature memorable bosses that each have their unique fighting style and patterns that the players must learn to emerge victorious. Different strategies will need to emerge for the player to be able to carefully balance defensive moves with moving in for the kill with your melee hits. 

TEVI - Some Combat

Aside from the basic melee and ranged attacks, Tevi’s combat system is made up of a lot more than meets the eye. There are features such as “Bullet Erasure” (destroying enemy projectiles or throwing them back at them), invincibility, Break (which is like a stagger bar on enemies), Combo Ranks, and gear customization to also take into account. 

TEVI - Upgrades to Collect

Speaking of gear, the game will have over 300 pieces of equipment to collect. This should provide enough content for both treasure hunters and build theorycrafters alike. Special items called Sigils can also be found scattered throughout the world. These artifacts allow even deeper customization, as they can change your stats or even greatly modify how some of Tevi’s abilities work.

The Tevi Effect

Tevi will be released via Steam on November 29, 2023. It is being developed in collaboration by CreSpirit, GemaYue, and Ein Lee (who are three individuals, not three companies).

TEVI - Even Heroes Need a Break

It will be a purely single-player adventure that will last roughly 35 hours on a casual playthrough. At launch, Tevi will have full language support for English, Japanese, and Chinese but will have Japanese voiceovers. The Japanese cast will lend their voices to over 50 different characters in the game. 

No price has been announced just yet, but a demo is available right now for those who want to try it before they buy. 

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