Telltale Series Wolf Among Us Season 2 Gets Delayed Until 2019

Telltale Series Wolf Among Us Season 2 Gets Delayed Until 2019

Telltale Games have announced they will delaying the release of the second season of The Wolf Among Us. The second part in the series will now launch in 2019 instead of it’s original 2018 release.

Wolf Among Us Season 2 Delayed Until 2019

The Telltale series The Wolf Among Us is based on the high acclaimed Fable comics by Bill Willingham. The world is set in a reality where fairy tale characters have to live alongside humans. The original game was a murder mystery structure with a detective noir style.

Last year Season Two was announce to feature a new standalone story and was to launch late 2018. But due to a post on the Telltale website, the delay is a result of some “fundamental” changes since their announcement. Although it was not specified what the changes were, the structure of the company had undergone some major changes at the end of last year with a 25% reduction of their workforce.

However, Telltale since assure us that they are committed to their project:

Ultimately our goal is to deliver an experience deserving of the passion you’ve consistently shown for The Wolf Among Us, and these extra months will give us the time we need to do our best work. We’re extremely enthusiastic about how the game is progressing so far, and we can’t wait to dig even deeper.

The second season of The Wolf Among Us will release sometime next year in 2019. The first season is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS Vita, iOS and Android.

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One comment on “Telltale Series Wolf Among Us Season 2 Gets Delayed Until 2019”

  1. ckmishn says:

    The makers of the great Sam & Max series (well, the successors to Lucas Arts, whose Sam &Max games were also great) kind of lost the plot with so many different series running at once, with the underlying tech changing very little (and terribly optimized). Still, the first Wolf Among Us was pretty good (who could resist "The Little Mermaid" as a stripper?), so I do have hopes that the new one will be good as well.

    It’ll still probably run terribly, though. Fortunately I have a better PC than I did when the first came out.

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