Swap Your PSN Gold Trophies For Real Loot

Swap Your PSN Gold Trophies For Real Loot

Good news everyone!  Sony just announced a revamped Greatness Exchange where we can justify the thousands of hours sat on our asses by exchanging our digital trophies for real, in the flesh loot!  It’s setup as a Daily Auction House where you can bid on the various memorabilia.  Your eligible gold trophies work just like a raffle ticket and you can spend up to how many you have and once you use a trophy it’s gone forever (only from the auction not from your PSN trophy list!).  There are some really cool and incredibly geeky yet awesome prizes to be had and even a trip to Amsterdam where you totally won’t be doing anything other than sightseeing.  There is also an Elder Scrolls excursion that doesn’t involve traveling to Tamriel because it doesn’t exist (you should probably go outside from time to time).  Here is a breakdown of the prizes:

10/22 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Assault Full Suit & Helmet
10/23   The Elder Scrolls Online
Breton Bow, Quiver & Arrows
10/24   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Lucas Kellan Suit
10/25   The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Warrior Costume
10/28   The Elder Scrolls Online
10/29   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
VSA Assault
10/30   The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Sword
10/31   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
KILLZONE Induction Experience*
11/1   The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Axe
11/4   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
VSA Assault
11/5   The Elder Scrolls Online
Breton Costume
11/6   PlayStation
“Perfect Day” Concept Art
11/7   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Support
11/8   The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online Experience**
11/11   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Sergeant Suit
11/12   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Civilian Female Costume
11/13   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Civilian Male Costume
11/14   KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Shadow Marshal Suit

Get to bidding!  Good luck to all and check back with us for more game news by gamers.


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5 comments on “Swap Your PSN Gold Trophies For Real Loot”

  1. That Helghast Assault Suit is mine!

  2. Emergence says:

    I accidentally bid 8 trophies on the Breton bow and arrow set. 😛 I’ll have to make sure I spend the remaining 17 judiciously! If I win that bow I’m so going hunting with it.

    1. I put most of my eggs in the assault suit basket since it’s my favorite thing on the list. Make sure to save a trophy or two for the fifteenth and it’s mystery box (probably a ps4).
      Also, if I win the suit I may have to wear it to work

  3. Ahhotep1 says:

    Skare: “Also, if I win the suit I may have to wear it to work”.

    Haha!! I really hope you win because I really, really want to see those pictures. No, a video!! A video, it must be. 😀

    1. I don’t know if I’d be able to share a video until after the trial. Imagine showing up at work in a not-for-profit human services agency decked out in that thing. Everyone’d be on the floor and panicking the second I walked in.
      Even if I had it for Halloween I’d likely have to come in the door without the helmet. Although I admit it’d be a lot more funny walking in with it on (the red eyes really would put it over the edge). As a side note, I want to win it even more badly now.

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