The Surge Upcoming DLC!

The Surge Upcoming DLC!

Last updated on September 16th, 2017

Developer Deck 13 Interactive recently announced that a sizeable DLC is coming to their Dark Souls  like sci-fi action-RPG, The Surge.

The Surge New Expansion!

The announcement was made via Twitter, below:

The upcoming DLC is titled, “A Walk in the Park“. It’ll be set in an amusement park that’s tied to the Creo mega-factory from the main game. The new expansion for The Surge has roughly four hours  of content and will also include a free weapons pack.

Players will have two access points to the amusement park to choose from; either by entering from the Production Line area at the start of the game, or through the Research and Development area much later on.

This makes the “A Walk in the Park” expansion accessible for both veterans and newcomers alike to The Surge. Within the DLC, players will be delighted to know that they will face off against Carbon Cat, the villain from the comic book Ironmaus.

The upcoming The Surge DLC, “A Walk in the Park” will launch later this year.

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