Sunless Skies – A Cosmos Exploring, Literary RPG Heads To Early Access Later This Month

Sunless Skies – A Cosmos Exploring, Literary RPG Heads To Early Access Later This Month

Developer Failbetter Games has announced that Sunless Skies, their highly successful crowdfunded literary RPG is coming to early access for PC via Steam and GOG on August 30th for 24.99 USD.

Sunless Skies Coming to Early Access

Initially, players will be able to explore the Reach, one of the four regions of the High Wilderness, with other regions being added in throughout development.

The Reach is a verdant, sunless frontier. London pioneers—spearheaded by the avaricious Windward Company—establish far-flung colonies and plunder the riches of the region’s ruins and wild gardens. But many colonists crave independence from the Empire, and the Reach is rife with conflict. Will you be one of the lucky few who strikes it rich? Or one of the masses broken amidst the green wastes? Opening the game to players in Early Access / Games in Development will provide us with crucial feedback and data to help us create a game that’s delicious, delightful, and dangerous. 

Mechanically, players can expect a broad skeleton of gameplay features to be available. You’ll be able to explore the skies, dock at ports, interact with stories, trade, fight and die.

Ten years have passed since the first game, Sunless Sea, and Queen Victoria has led an exodus from London to space. As the captain of a spacefaring locomotive you’ll behold wonders and battle cosmic abominations in the furthest heavens. The stars are alive. Called the Judgements they are godlike intelligences that govern all things. But they are dying one by one, something is snuffing them out, leaving their thrones empty. The Victorian Empire is colonizing what they’ve left behind, instilling their vision on the cosmos.

Sunless Skies looks to continue the unique literary RPG gameplay of the first, and it raised an impressive amount of funds through its kickstarter, making it an eagerly anticipated follow up. It’s scheduled to release for PC sometime in 2018.

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