Street Fighter 5’s Monster Hunter event begins! Unlock Rathalos Armor for Ken!

Street Fighter 5’s Monster Hunter event begins! Unlock Rathalos Armor for Ken!

It’s time for another Monster Hunter World-related crossover event. But this time, it’s Monster Hunter that is crossing over into another game: Street Fighter 5, which was also made by Capcom. You can unlock some Rathalos Armor for Ken.

Can Ken become a Monster Hunter?

Street Fighter V has started its latest Monster Hunter World crossover event. Ken can earn an amazing Monster Hunter World-inspired costume as a reward for going on a very Monster Hunter-like quest for armor pieces. When he collects all the parts, he will have a Rathalos Armor set.  You’ll have to take part in special events every week until April 12 to unlock it all. This is the third and final Monster Hunter-inspired costume set for Street Fighter 5, after Kirin Ibuki and Zinogre Mika received their sets. Check out the video below.

This week, Ken’s boots will be available.The gauntlets, then chest-piece, and finally, the helmet will follow in concurrent weeks. You’ll unlock the full costume once you’ve collected all four pieces. Now, here’s the catch: each attempt at one of the Monster Hunter challenges costs 2,500 in Fight Money. So if you can finish them all first time, that’s 10,000 Fight Money. If you need to retry any of challenges, it could be much more than that which you’ll part with.

Ken Rathlos Armor

Well, he’s got the look. Now we just need Ken to cross over into Monster Hunter World so that we can see how he’ll really shape up as a Monster Hunter.

What do you think of Ken’s new suit of armor? Please comment below and let us know.

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