Steam Summer Sale 2022: Best Action-Adventure RPGs, Soulslikes, And Survival Games To Buy

Steam Summer Sale 2022: Best Action-Adventure RPGs, Soulslikes, And Survival Games To Buy – In this Steam Summer Sale 2022: Best Action-Adventure RPGs, Soulslikes, And Survival Games To Buy special, I’m going to cover the best deals for a wide range of excellent games that have left an indelible mark on the community, even if they have only been released for a couple of months or years.

Steam Summer Sale 2022: Best Action-Adventure RPGs, Soulslikes, And Survival Games To Buy

The Steam Summer Sale 2022 runs from June 23, 2022 to July 7, 2022 at 10AM PST. The majority of the discounts I will be discussing are either decent bargains or historical lows so you should definitely consider purchasing them this time around! If you are looking for the best deals out there on the games you have been meaning to play for a while now, then this article is for you!

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the first game on our list. While not specifically a Roguelike or Soulslike title, it features many RPG elements. RDR 2 will take about 90 hours to complete at a leisurely pace, over 180 if you are a completionist. It is currently at a historically low discount of 50%, which is equivalent to $29.99. The year is 1899, a time when cowboys have started losing their luster, and industrialization and modernization are taking center stage. You play as the outlaw and Van der Linde Gang member, Arthur Morgan, who thinks the best way to make money is by stealing it.

Red Dead Redemption 2

No other game comes close to the attention to detail that Rockstar Games has put into RDR 2, thereby making it extremely expansive and immersive. They were able to create a living, breathing world full of life and charm in every crevice that you might explore. Moreover, you could customize Arthur from head to toe by choosing different clothing patterns. You even have the opportunity to change his firearms to the smallest of details.

He could then go around the wilderness and experience so many random events, which add so much depth to how the narrative unfolds. The fact that the key areas are not cumbersome to revisit is a good indicator of how well the open-world design is, so much so that these locations become special and memorable at the same time.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are the type of player who is searching for a highly immersive story-rich game, which will have you roam the countryside, hunt, and live life as a cowboy, then Red Dead Redemption 2 is right for you.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – The Outer Worlds

Obsidian has been known for creating great stories in their games, and The Outer Worlds is no exception. Some herald this title as a spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas, another great RPG they have worked on in collaboration with Bethesda. It is currently on a whopping 70% off, valued at $17.99. On average, it will take most players about 24 to 30 hours to beat.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - The Outer Worlds

Instead of trudging through wastelands, The Outer Worlds will have you explore various odd planets, mega cities, and more sewers. Its story focuses on many backwater outposts scattered across the galaxy as well as megacorporations that have a tight hold on the lives of everyone in the system. This Action RPG is satirical in nature and it is not afraid to make fun of companies, which exploit its workforce.

Player agency is given utmost priority, as each and every choice you make matters, allowing you to change the outcome of Quests. Even character Builds and Companion interactions drastically adjust to the way that you play the game. For example, having high enough points in Medicine or Science will give you different options to complete missions compared to investing in Dialogue Skills such as Persuasion or Intimidation.

The Outer Worlds

In The Outer Worlds, the universe is your oyster. Exploring the planets of the Halcyon Colonies is the perfect experience if you want a great sandbox, open-ended gameplay as well as a multitude of roleplaying options.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has experienced a lot of ups and downs since its release back in December 2020. At the time, it was heavily mired with game-breaking bugs, AIs who were not as responsive as they should be, and Combat that could have felt more satisfying. However, CD PROJEKT RED released a hefty Patch 1.5 earlier this year to address a lot of the issues and more. Is Cyberpunk 2077 finally worth spending 50+ hours into? The answer to this is a resounding YES. At its historically low discount of 50%, you can purchase the game for $29.99.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Cyberpunk 2077

Before the update, Night City did not evoke as much of a response from its citizens. Even if it was beautiful to look at, you could tell that the NPCs were there merely for the purpose of filling up the open world. But it has radically changed since then. Not only do they have personalities, but they also react accordingly to situations. For instance, they would panic at the start of violent gunshots… as they should.

Cyberpunk 2077

After Patch 1.5, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally stable and works as intended, performance-wise, especially since the majority of bugs have already been fixed. If you are searching for a dystopian RPG with an interesting storyline about V and Night City, then Cyberpunk 2077 will not disappoint this time around.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Scarlet Nexus

Fans of JRPGs and high-action, stylish combat are in for a treat with Scarlet Nexus, which is currently sitting at 50% off and is worth $29.99. This is a sci-fi Action-Adventure RPG set in the far-off future in a fictional city. Humans have developed powers that grant them extraordinary Psycho-Kinetic Abilities, such as Pyrokinesis, Sclerokinesis (or Earth-based protection and shields), Teleportation, and best of all, Psychokinesis.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Scarlet Nexus

The story is told from the perspectives of Yuito and Kasane. You can choose which storyline to do first, and then revisit the other character’s experience later on. Doing so will give you another glimpse of certain events, but it is also worth mentioning that some of the character’s plot points overlap with each other. Still, this means at least 30 hours of gameplay, and more if you decide to complete everything.

Scarlet Nexus’ narrative is mixed with traditional cutscenes sprinkled with various visual-novel-styled interactions between its wide cast of 8 main characters. It is a weird and wonderful tale, and much darker than initially anticipated. However, the core focus here is the Combat, and boy is it glorious. Along with two Companions, you will fight against horrendous monsters, which are unique and terrifying. They are able to perform various combos and attacks, as well as enhanced abilities.

Scarlet Nexus

Comparatively, Yuito and Kasane are both adept at Psychokinesis, meaning, they can throw cars, telephone posts, and more at their enemies. They can even borrow the powers of their AI-controlled teammates to string up additional interesting combos. If you enjoy fast-paced combat set in a Brain Punk future featuring an interesting storyline, then you should consider purchasing Scarlet Nexus now.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is an action RPG, which will have you hunt a large variety of Monsters using any of the available 14 Weapons while experiencing a lot of other new activities in the process. At 49% off, you will be able to buy it for $30.59. This is not bad considering that you will be spending more than 60+ hours playing the game. What makes this title stand out compared to Monster Hunter World is the introduction of fascinating features such as the Wirebug Mechanic and the Palamutes who will hunt alongside you. These two greatly improve the game’s QoL in terms of Combat and exploration.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Monster Hunter Rise

Each of the weapons has multiple moves and combos when paired with the Wirebug allowing you to slay monsters with much more flexibility than ever before. It also provides you with a better degree of control to change the direction of the monster you are riding or to engage with another foe. Additionally, the Wirebug lets you traverse taller mountains, making the journey to the top extremely satisfying.

Monster Hunter Rise

On the other hand, the Palamute is another Buddy of yours in addition to the Palico. They are dog-like creatures who will give you a hand in combat. Palamutes are also considered reliable mounts since they let you explore the world quickly without depleting your stamina.

Monster Hunter Rise features mechanics that players will thoroughly enjoy regardless of whether or not they have been longtime fans or are new to the franchise. If you are looking for an RPG with challenging hunts, various Equipment to chase after, and an interactive world worth exploring, then you can never go wrong with Monster Hunter Rise.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – God of War

One of 2018’s best PlayStation titles found its way to PC this year which is none other than God of War. This critically acclaimed action-adventure game is on its historical low, though at a modest 20% discount, putting it at $39.99. But for how excellent God of War is, it is worth every penny and more.

God of War is a reimagining of the classic hack-and-slash games on the earlier PlayStation consoles. This time around, Kratos is romping through Midgard and the Nine Norse Realms instead of Greece and Mount Olympus. The game also took a wholly different combat system and was beautifully shot in one singular camera take, unless the player dies of course. This was a technical marvel back in the original release, and it still is now 4 years later.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - God of War

God of War features a beautiful story about an estranged father and son, told in a great and poignant way. Combat is also exhilarating, deep, and most importantly, a lot of fun. You can fully customize your playstyle with different armor and trinkets that provide various effects. You will even have to choose which skills you want to bring along since you will not be able to take them all.

God of War

Due to Santa Monica Studios’ dedication, the PC port has been properly optimized. God of War runs at a beautiful 4k resolution with unlocked framerates, enhanced shadows via additional SSAO, and great performance thanks to the implementation of NVIDIA DLSS. It also provides players with a proper 21:9 ultrawide support, which is few and far between. If you wish to experience an intricate and immersive plot with visceral combat for more than 30+ hours, then God of War is precisely the game you are looking for.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is a charming action RPG, which makes its way into our top picks for this Steam Summer Sale 2022. The game is at a historically low price of $19.99 right now due to the 20% discount. Here, you literally play as a nobody, a blank slate and caricature of a person devoid of any detail or remarkable features. Nobody is thrust into a murder mystery that sets the stage for the game. Suddenly, you own a magic wand, which grants you the ability to shapeshift.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Nobody Saves the World

The unique thing about Nobody Saves the World is that you will collect about 15 unique forms to take on, each with different playstyles and abilities. Initially, you can only transform into the humble Rat, a staple for RPGs in general and is considered the weakest. While frail, this allows you to squeeze into tight spots and poison your foes with rabies.

Later on, you can take on more forms such as the Knight, Ranger, Horse, and Necromancer! Once you gain experience in each form, you will be able to share powers between every transformation. Moreover, you can express your creativity with totally absurd combinations, such as a Bow-wielding horse, or a Necromancer Rat who can chomp enemies and give them rabies.

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is a short and sweet experience at about 20 hours, though it does start out a bit slow. If you stick to it, and enjoy action RPGs, bright and colorful visuals, and creating diverse builds, then this game is certainly for you!

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Tunic

Tunic is an action-adventure RPG with Soulslike elements in which you play as a fox who is keen on going on a huge adventure to discover legends and fight against numerous creatures. In this Legend of Zeldaesque type of exploration, you will be pitted against formidable opponents. For a title that has been released in March 2022, it is currently on a 10% discount valued at $26.99, which is worth the experience since you will be spending more than 15 hours playing this beautiful game.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - Tunic

In true Soulslike fashion, you have to execute well-timed attacks using your sword while managing your stamina in the process. When you die, you will need to go back to the same location where you were slain to retrieve your precious gold. Gold is essential to your character’s progression because it is the means by which you level up and gain new and useful abilities. This currency also lets you purchase consumables to help you survive in combat.


What makes Tunic a unique RPG is that it does not hold your hand when it comes to explaining what the mechanics are. Rather, you will have to find the missing pages of a so-called Manual to piece things together yourself. This is an interesting take on discovering its features because your understanding relies on how much of the world you fully explore. If you enjoy cryptic stories, Soulslike combat, and exploration that hinges on beautiful and colorful landscapes as well as a sense of wonder, then Tunic will surely satisfy your curiosity.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a dark fantasy medieval tactical RPG that features exhilarating Combat and a very interesting take on the famous Arthurian Myth and the Knights of the Round Table. Rather than opting to create your very own knight, you will initially play as Sir Mordred with the intention of killing King Arthur once and for all to rid Avalon of the horrors he has brought. At the moment, it sits at a historically low discount of 35% off, which is equivalent to $29.24. This is a good price, especially since you will be spending at least 50 hours playing the game.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - King Arthur Knight's Tale

As you progress in the story, however, you will meet familiar knights and ladies who will not hesitate to join your crusade. These Heroes will fall under 6 Classes, which are comprised of different Skills. For instance, you can bring another Defender or tank-like companion in addition to Sir Mordred to take as much damage for the party. Assembling an army of 4 is no easy feat, especially when you are trying to figure out the best classes to combine but this is where the fun begins.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale’s combat is executed perfectly because of how strategic your moves should be. You should learn to manage the number of Action Points every Hero has depending on their class together with the party’s overall formation. Oftentimes, performing AoE attacks is the best course of action, since enemies tend to position themselves next to each other.

King Arthur Knight's Tale

After every Mission, you will be sent back to Camelot to collect all of the loot you have acquired and to heal the injuries of your companions. Camelot also has buildings, which should be upgraded as they grant certain perks such as training other Heroes to gain experience automatically. If you thrive in challenging tactical combat and city management while managing the Loyalty of your comrades, then King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is without a doubt the right game for you!

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – V Rising

V Rising is an open-world, Survival RPG where you play as a vampire who has been awakened after centuries of hibernation with the ultimate goal of rebuilding your Castle. Even if the game is currently on Early Access, it provides you with a ton of things to do such as gathering materials, improving your gear by hunting creatures, and raiding camps. Sitting at its lowest discounted price of $17.99, which is 30% off, you can expect to spend at least 30 hours with this amazingly fun game.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 - V Rising

What makes the experience with V Rising even better are the familiar vampire tropes it showcases including the inability to carry Silver for a long time or getting burnt by the sun. Speaking of the sun, the game has a day and night cycle. To survive during the day, you will need to traverse the lands of Vardoran by hiding under the shadows. Moreover, the direction of the sunlight changes as the day goes on, meaning, you should not stay in one place for too long, otherwise, you will get burnt to a crisp.

V Rising

Going on hunts in V Rising takes a rather interesting approach since the blood of the creature you feed on provides you with certain buffs. To ensure that you gain higher percentages of these buffs, you will need to search for stronger enemies of the same type. If you find pleasure in playing as a vampire by yourself or with friends and you immensely enjoy survival games, then V Rising is definitely worth your money.

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