Steam Halloween Sale 2017 includes Salt & Sanctuary, Witcher 3, Tyranny & More!

Steam Halloween Sale 2017 includes Salt & Sanctuary, Witcher 3, Tyranny & More!

Another Steam sale is upon us, and this time it’s their Halloween Sale 2017, now live! The sale will go on up until November 1st at 10am PDT.

Steam – Halloween Sale 2017

As always, the sale encompasses a wide array of genres, but are inline with the Halloween festivity, so that there’s something for everybody out there.

Some of the spooky games on offer include the souls-inspired Salt and Sanctuary  at 40% off, the metroidvania Sundered  at 15% off and the bleak RPG, Darkest Dungeon  with 60% off.

There’s also the highly-acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  GOTY at 60% off,  the 2014 action-RPG Shadow of Mordor  with 60% off, Obsidian’s isometric-RPG, Tyranny  and much more

You can check out Steam’s full 2017 Halloween sale over at this link, and be sure to remember to pick up your desired games before time runs out on November 1st, 10am PDT!

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5 comments on “Steam Halloween Sale 2017 includes Salt & Sanctuary, Witcher 3, Tyranny & More!”

  1. Avatar EldritchImagination says:


    wow…….that’s pretty bad. From the sound of it, all the things he posted were, as far as I can tell, on point, specially with the Anita Sarkeezian feigning interest in gaming just to push her ideology. I remember the contradictory info that she gave where she posted a picture of herself with her gaming “collection” comprised of many games she would logically despise given their content, then, in a documentary, she openly stated that she has no real interest in and didn’t like video games prior to feminist frequency, and actually learned a lot about them from her time doing it..

    So, in my conclusion, The guy losing his job was unfair, a load of bull&%*t, and not a real good mark on Obsidian’s part.

    Back to Halloween talk, I still don’t see anything on the Steam sale I’m interested in buying, Though if you are looking for a cheap horror game, I’d recommend Reveal the Deep. It’s 1$ U.S. a pixel style side scrolling adventure game, and the atmosphere is spooky as hell. One thing though, it needs Java to run, and you have to beat each level entirely cause there’s no saves.

  2. ckmishn says:


    His name is Casey Hollingshead. The link to the story was in my previous post, but here it is in bald format:

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    They what now? o0

  4. ckmishn says:

    I was looking forward to buying Tyranny at some point if the price was right. That was until Obsidian went down the same cultural fascism path as Mozilla and fired an employee for his conservative political opinions. If they’re going to fire someone for their opinions, and specifically for opinions I largely share, they’re not going to get a cent of my money ever again. :X(:

  5. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    I actually like GOG’s Halloween sale offers more this year. already got 5 games, including Dead space.

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