Steam Games Become Playable on iOS and Android Devices via Steam Link App

Steam Games Become Playable on iOS and Android Devices via Steam Link App

Valve release a free Steam Link App that allows you to connect you Steam library to your mobile device and play any game or video. The app is set to launch May 21st and work similarly to the physical Steam Link device.

Steam Games Playable on Steam Link App

Valve have announced the release of their Steam Link App that will you to play any game in your Steam library on your iOS or Android device by streaming it using the app on supported devices. As long as your PC is connected to either a 5Ghz network or connected with an ethernet cable with a good internet connection.

The next question is how will you control these games on your device? That has yet to be explained although Steam’s Big Picture mode has already shown controls to be very customisable in games that do not support it. If you wish to use a controller with the app, the Steam Controller and MFI controllers will be supported, which will probably be the better option as most games don’t have inbuilt touch controls.

Valve are also set to release an app called Steam Video which will share services from the Steam library for TV shows and movies. There is also an option to watch content offline.

What do you think of this step for Valve to have a Steam Link App? Why will you or why won’t you be using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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