Starfield: What do we know about Bethesda’s next title?

Starfield: What do we know about Bethesda’s next title?

In this article, I will take a look at the little snippets of information which have been revealed about Bethesda’s next title. What is the game called, what do we know about it so far and when can we expect to play it? I will also examine how trust-worthy the source of information about the new game was. And what is the game called? Starfield.

Starfield: Also known as Elder Scrolls in space?

Whenever Bethesda are asked when they will make the next Elder Scrolls game, they are keen to stress that they have other titles that they want to release first. Well, what are those titles? We do have an idea that one of their new games may be called Starfield.

Back in 2013, Bethesda trademarked the name. This trade mark was renewed in 2016. So, we can surmise that it is a game that they have been working on for years now.  Here is a look at the trademark information for their new game.


Here is the trademark information for Bethesda’s new game. It’s not a lot to go on, really.

Supposed Bethesda employee leaked information about their new games

Then, in 2017, somebody posted on 4chan using an account which was named Salulard. They claimed to be a Bethesda employee and posted a lot of information regarding upcoming projects – including this information about Starfield:

Starfield fake news

Here’s some of the information posted about “Starfield”. Is it real or is it just more fake news?

He also posted this information about Starfield in response to questions he received from 4chan’s community:

Starfield romance

Romancable companions in Starfield sounds likely but it could be an educated guess instead of a leak.

Salulard went on to say that Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR and Starfield would be revealed at E3 2017. He was right about Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR but wrong about Starfield being revealed.

In addition to this, Salulard posted some approximate release dates for Bethesda’s next few games and these included two Elder Scrolls titles. It takes us all the way up to 2030, when Elder Scrolls VII will apparently be reeleased. See the screenshot below.


Which would you more like to be true? The bit about Bethesda’s new games or the dates for the Elder Scrolls titles?

Well, can we really believe what was said about Bethesda’s new games?

His replies were all rather detailed but I don’t know that they’ve necessarily got the ring of truth to them. To me, it sounds more like a fan’s wishlist for a game based on what they’ve already played. Its sounds too similar…to safe an approach for Bethesda to take. Having said that…could it be true? If so, you might be interested in what Salulard posted about the next Elder Scrolls game too. Here it is, along with a bit more about Bethesda’s next game:

Elder Scrolls Akavir

Could Akavir be the setting for the next Elder Scrolls game? Well, I suppose that anything is possible. 

Akavir would be an interesting setting for the next Elder Scrolls game. I would like it if it was true but does it seem to be likely? And if it is right, does that mean that we should believe the rest of the “leak” too?

Did Bethesda initially plan to reveal Starfield and pulled it in response to the leak? Or do you think that the “leak” was just fake and we shouldn’t read anything into it? Please comment below and let us know.

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