Starfield Hits 10 Million Players Since Launch
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Starfield Hits 10 Million Players Since Launch

Bethesda announces their latest galaxy-filled Action-RPG Starfield has hit the 10 million player mark.

Starfield Hits 10 Million Players Since Launch

We already knew that Starfield has been making big waves, and is Bethesda’s biggest launch to date. But just this week they have made it known just how big. The game has now garnered 10 million players since its launch this month. Just in the first week of its release, the studio revealed the player base had already reached 6 million players. That means since then, a further 4 million more Constellation adventurers have travelled the Star Systems.

Microsoft and Bethesda have been in the news a lot lately concerning leaks of documents pertaining the future plans of the studio. One such document contained the plans for future titles such as the Elder Scrolls 6 which was reportedly skipping the Playstation 5 platform and won’t be out until at least 2026. Since then there has been a plethora of news about Xbox. Starfield is definitely one of the reasons players have ventured into Game Pass, or even bought a Xbox Series console.

Frosty planets, spaceship building and zero gravity combat are all part of the Starfield experience.

Starfield also has plans for further minor updates, the first being mainly hotfixes, HDR calibration menu, FOV slider, Nvidia DLSS Support for PC, Ultrawide Monitor support and a button that lets you eat all the scrummy cubed food. Mod support will also be fully supported in 2024. The title will gain a similar Creations systems used for games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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