Stardew Valley Hits PlayStation Vita on May 22nd

Stardew Valley Hits PlayStation Vita on May 22nd

ConcernedApe the developer of Stardew Valley has announced that the farming simulator RPG will be coming to PS Vita later this month on May 22nd.

Stardew Valley Joins PS Vita on May 22nd

PlayStation Vita players will be happy to know that there is finally a confirmation and release date for Stardew Valley, a highly successful pixel game that has been topping the Nintendo Switch charts. ConcernedApe and Chucklefish (the publisher) have announced that the game will be joining PS Vita on May 22nd and will be a cross-buy. This means if you purchase the title on PS Vita, you will automatically receive a PS4 version and vice verse. As PlayStation 4 decides to pull back on PS Vita games for PlayStation Plus for 2019 it’s good see to see game titles still adding a version for PS Vita players.

With the release of the multi-player beta patch for the PC version, it’s comforting to know that ConcernedApe is still looking add further content to the game. As a Nintendo Switch player, I think that handheld devices are a great way to play Stardew Valley game anywhere, but having the option to play on a larger screen is also just as enjoyable.

Stardew Valley is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; the PS Vita version will be arriving on May 22nd.

If you enjoy reading about Stardew Valley you’ll be interested to learn more about their Stardew Valley multiplayer beta. Also, the publisher Chucklefish have a trailer for their Upcoming RPG Eastward and Witchbrook Is Coming: Think Harry Potter Meets Stardew Valley.


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