Star Citizen Now Lets You Buy A Plot Of Land!

Star Citizen Now Lets You Buy A Plot Of Land!

Cloud Imerpium Games has revealed the latest venture for their ever-growing space simulator, Star Citizen,  in the form of purchasable virtual land.

Star Citizen – Now With Real Estate

Previously, the studio revealed a new ship and an update on its crowdfunding campaign.

This feature was recently announced in their latest podcast found below, and it is called the “UEE Land Claim Licenses”, allowing players to carve up sections of the various planets and moons to call their own.

And there are currently two land parcels and prices offered including a 4 x 4 km “Lot” for $50 and a 8 x 8 km “Estate” for $100. At the moment these can only be bought with real world money. And to provide some insight, Cloud Imperium Games has issued a disclaimer on the official Star Citizen  website and reads as follows.

“These land claims are being made available for pledging to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The ability to obtain these claim licenses will ultimately be available for in-game credits and/or otherwise earnable through play in the game. Pledging for these claim licenses now allows us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen game, and is not required for starting the game.”


Purchasing any of these parcel options will grant players a “Geotack” beacon, that has location and ownership details embedded within that’s to be placed on their land. However, other players can come in and destroy these beacons, which is deemed criminal, but will have no affect on the legal title. Though, it will no doubt be an annoyance should it occur.

And players owning a licensed virtual plot gives them the benefit of constructing complex facilities for mining natural resources, or to erect outposts to oversee trade routes, or to dabble in the in-game real-estate market.

As for those concerned with missing out by not jumping in early, the developer has assured that spots will be plentiful and states in their FAQ that there will be “billions of square kilometres of available land over many planets and moons”  and even more so when “new Star Systems are introduced and explored”.

Star Citizen  is currently under development with TBA for a release date.

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2 comments on “Star Citizen Now Lets You Buy A Plot Of Land!”

  1. ckmishn says:

    If this game ever comes out, all the "winning" will have been pre-purchased by whales.

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    They keep adding more and more stuff, it’s like an eternal rabbit hole that is going into a wonderland within the wonderland.

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