Star Citizen New Ship & Crowdfunding Milestone!

Star Citizen New Ship & Crowdfunding Milestone!

Cloud Imperium Games has recently unveiled a new and interesting looking ship for their ever growing Star Citizen  space simulator and it’s dubbed the “AEGIS Hammerhead“.

Star CitizenAEGIS Hammerhead

A fast patrol ship with multiple turrets designed to combat fighters, the Hammerhead is equally suited to support larger capital ships in a fleet or act as a flagship for fighter groups.

Though a large-sized patrol ship at 100 meters long and with a mass of 195,000kg, the AEGIS Hammerhead is a fast craft that is also equipped with missiles and turrets, which numbers to eight. And it can house up to nine crew members and of the eight turrets, six can be manned.


The AEGIS Hammerhead is currently on sale and is an optional purchase at $550. And like most ships, it can be obtainable via in-game credits once the title officially launches. Also you can watch its reveal below.

And if you’re curious about Star Citizen’s  crowdfunding campaign, the game recently surpassed a whopping $167 million in funding with 1,920,377 registered users.

Concept Artwork

Finally, you can check out some concept artwork, along with some descriptions, of the AEGIS Hammerhead down below.

If you’d like to know more about this ambitious space-simulator, you can check out our preview on Star Citizen.

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  1. Avatar qeter says:

    to bad that direct neurolinks will be around by the time this game is actually finished.

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