Star Citizen Alpha & Development Update: New Ships Info Detailed

Star Citizen Alpha & Development Update: New Ships Info Detailed

When we last checked in with Star Citizen, the mega ambitious space Sim/MMO, developer Cloud Imperium Games had unveiled their upcoming alpha update 3.0, which will let players seamlessly land on a planet and explore, all in first person as well as add a host of new features and ships. The update was scheduled to release June 29th for those players already flying their ships around space, but has missed that mark, according to their production schedule for the update. However, they have not been lacking in reveals for the sandbox space MMO that lets you pilot your own spacecraft (along with friends) and engage in the dangerous economy of hauling, defending and raiding in an intergalactic trade network.

Star Citizen Development Update: New Ships

Since the announcement of update 3.0, developer Cloud Imperium Games has been working on other features for the game in addition to their efforts towards the update. Specifically, they’ve announced a few new ships that will be available in the future, and these are of particular interest as the ship you choose will be an extension of your character, an integral part of your gameplay experience. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 newly unveiled spacecrafts, the Aopoa Nox, Aegis Eclipse and the Banu Defender

Aopoa Nox

The Aopoa Nox is a speedy space bike that is a versatile jack of all trades. It’s built for high speed and is coming with update 3.0. Here’s a rundown of its features:

  • It can be used comfortably in a Freelancer, Cutlass (new) and Constellation. For smaller ships with cargo space like the Reliant & Avenger, it can physically fit but it cannot be secured
  • The Nox can be used in space and on the ground, but it cannot make the transition on its own. For the purposes of operating down surface-side, it’s best to think of the Nox as a ground vehicle in this regard.
  • When water/oceans are added to the game, the Nox will be able to speed across the water.
  • Currently, they are still evaluating what armors you’ll be allowed to wear when piloting any ship or vehicle in the game.
  • At present, the Nox has a top SCM of 220 and with afterburner can reach speeds of 550 in space. On the ground, that ratio is 40/100. 100 meters per second, 1 meter off the ground.
  • Currently in testing, it will lean with you when you strafe, and when you are done with the yaw portion of the turn, you will continue to lean until you stop skidding.
  • The Nox comes with Competition Grade C components. In the future, CIG will allow you to customize the components with higher grade Competition options.
  • While primarily designed for speed, with its high maneuverability and S1 ship weapons, the Nox can be use effectively against infantry.
  • The Nox is designed for traveling around the massive procedurally generated worlds. The speed it offers will let you cover a ton of ground.
  • The Nox prices range from 35-40.

Aegis Eclipse

The Aegis Eclipse is a punchy mid range bomber that operates from stealth to engage in some hit and run devastation. This is what it can do:

  • Stealth in Star Citizen resolves around being hard to detect via in-game systems, primarily radars and scanners.
  • Stealth class items of each item type provide the lowest emissions at the expense of raw output and durability..
  • It’s capable of destroying large ships, and causing serious damage to capital ships with its specialized loadout of stealth equipment and large torpedoes.
  • While it cannot fit into the Polaris, it should be able to operate snugly out of a Javelin hangar.
  • If you can lock on to the target, you can attack it with the torpedoes whether it is air-to-air or air-to-ground.
  • The Eclipse is currently planned to be pretty fast in a straight line, having comparable speed to the Gladius, but it’s also not an agile ship.
  • Maneuverability is the Eclipse’s weakness and is the poorest of the smaller ships at this.
  • The Eclipse is the mid range stealth bomber, capable of sneaking behind enemy lines and delivering a high damage strike, but should not stay in combat due to its defensive shortcomings.

Banu Defender

The Banu Defender is a multi-crew fighter and gets its name from the role it serves: the first line of defense against enemy attacks. It makes the perfect companion to a hauling ship as its built to dogfight. Here’s its vital features:

  • The Banu developed the Defender to provide protection and fly alongside the Merchantman, so its design includes a much improved range over other fighters of similar size due to its fuel intakes, dual fuel tanks, and large quantum drive.
  • It has a mobility edge to other ships its size
  • You can choose to mount either a S3 fixed weapon or a S2 gimbaled weapon.
  • It comes with a jump drive standard
  • The Defender introduces a brand-new weapon: the tachyon cannon. It is an energy weapon that fires its projectiles at an extremely high velocity, making it both very long-ranged and accurate relative to its peers
  • The Defender has an edge in maneuverability over human ships like the Super Hornet and Sabre
  • Their speed and mobility make them good for holding the point position, intercepting threats, and reacting quickly to flanking maneuvers.
  • The Defender is completely functional with a crew of one.
  • It will not have cargo space
  • It will have much easier maintenance over other fighter ships
  • If you want to make a long, multi-system journey, the Defender should have the the best range of same-size fighters, and be your best option for longer hauls.
  • Both cockpits will have ejection capability, with the compartmentalized ejection systems allowing each crewmember to eject independently.
  • It’s sleek enough to not suffer too much from drag, but the maneuverability might take a slight hit compared to what it can do in Zero-G
  • The Defender is quick and agile and able to maneuver its way into position where it’s out of harms way but still able to fire

As you can see, they put a ton of thought into every last detail, right down to the physics of the ships and how they all interact in the overarching interstellar network. The breadth of function in the ships gives players a lot of options to customize their playstyle and determine the kind of spacefarer they truly want to be, for a price of course. Some of these ships will be steeper in price than others but there will be options to earn in game credits eventually to work towards that next upgrade.

Cloud Imperium games has shot down a bit of rumor mongering that stated that the developer was in financial trouble. So far, although progress has seemed slow, the studio has had production to show for it and remain highly communicative of the process. Players still are able to experience the early alpha content that’s available through the starter packages, while they wait for the now August dated major 3.0 update.

Thoughts on Star Citizen’s progress and the new ships? Let us know in the comments and keep checking in with us to learn more.

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  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    Gosh, those pictures are gorgeous.

    Out of all the ambitious games so far, this is the one I want to succeed the most. Partly because I’d like to see an Eve Online that isn’t fucking spreadsheets all the time, partly because being essentially three different games in one promises for quite a bit of replay and game value, and partly because it’s the classic science fiction dream come true.

    It’d be nice if it works.

  2. Avatar Emergence says:

    You and me both. It was hard to put this together while suppressing hopeful giddiness over what this could become. It’s such a huge if with the ambition of this scale but if it does deliver…

  3. Avatar Languard says:

    This reminds me, I should patch up and see how the game feels right now.

    The fan boy in me is giddy with excitement over this game and how it’s going to be an awesome space game. The skeptic game dev in me doesn’t believe it will ever happen, not as they have promised at least. I really hope the fan boy is right :P

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