Star Citizen 3.0 Update Will Add Worlds You Can Land On And Explore

Star Citizen 3.0 Update Will Add Worlds You Can Land On And Explore

Space explorer Star Citizen has laid out their ambitious plans for the next major update in their in-development MMO. The forthcoming update 3.0 is part of their scheduling roadmap and will be releasing sometime late June. The big feature it will bring is something called Planetary Tech, which will let players land on and explore a limited number of planets/moons. Check out the video to learn more about what they have planned down the road:

Right now the game lets players walk around on a space station and enter a spaceship and fly around space as they wish, all seamlessly. The new tech will take it a step further and let them land on a world, disembark and explore the landscape on foot or by vehicle, all within seamless first person.

Beyond that, there are a litany of nitty gritty implementations and elements that they have scheduled all out, perhaps to assuage patient (and less patient) backers. You can check out the full minuate on their website. The game has raised over 145$ million dollars in crowdfunding and development has been very deliberate, with the playable features still just a collection of demo like experiences that show the different genres the game is merging. That may change some come June. For the rest of the year, they will be focusing on adding more to the planetary exploration features.


Recently we put together an extensive preview on just what the game is, what’s playable now and where the final product is looking to finish. To help demystify some of the confusion, be sure to check it out and watch the accompanying video to get an idea of what Star Citizen is trying to accomplish. It’s an extremely ambitious project!

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