Square Enix Teases Mysterious Sci-fi Title Outriders for E3 2019

Square Enix Teases Mysterious Sci-fi Title Outriders for E3 2019

Square Enix have shared a teaser trailer for a new sci-fi title called Outriders, which will be revealed at their E3 press conference.

Square Enix Teases Mysterious Sci-fi Title Outriders for E3

On the Outriders Twitter account Square Enix has shared a short teaser. The account which which has been active since the beginning of May this year and has shared mission log posts for Captain Simon B. Archan. Each post outlines a stage in a journey toward Enoch and the failed attempts to reconnect with Earth. The latest post features the awakening of a member of the crew out of cryostasis.

With this reveal will be happening at next week’s E3, many are trying to unravel what this game is about from the short 15 second clip along with the previous Twitter posts. Enix have yet to reveal more about an Avengers title which was teased back in 2017, then called the Avengers Project. Recently last week Square Enix shared that they would be revealing it on June 10th during their E3 press conference a title under “Marvel’s Avengers”.

There is a possibility that this could be Marvel related, but since it has it’s own Twitter account separate from Marvel, it could be something else entirely. Perhaps a brand new IP will be revealed.

You can catch the Square Enix Press Conference on June 10th at 6:00pm PT. For more of what they could be revealing check out our E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule & Predictions.

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