Square Enix is shutting down mecha shooter Figureheads

Square Enix is shutting down mecha shooter Figureheads

Square Enix have recently announced that they’re going to be shutting down their online mecha shooter, Figureheads in June.

Square Enix to shut down mecha shooter Figureheads

Figrueheads is a free-to-play, third-person mecha shooter. Its online services going offline on June 30th. The game released for Windows PC in March of 2016, with a PlayStation 4 release in March in 2017. An arcade release, Figureheads Ace, was also released in Japan last summer.

Square Enix have found that most players weren’t finishing online matches.  They’d quit because of unwieldy controls and complicated game rules. The game’s slow pace also didn’t help. Square Enix did try to introduce some changes to the game to save it but it was too little, too late.

Despite the online services being cut off in June, they plan on releasing a new Colosseum PVP map and new story content on March 22nd. They’re also still planning future updates.

From March 22nd, all real-life money Gold currency sales will be cut off. Paid in-game items and gold you’ve already purchased can still be used until the service ends on June 30th. The game client will be unavailable after June 28th.

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