Square Enix Joins Forces with Tencent to Develop AAA Games Based on New IPs

Square Enix Joins Forces with Tencent to Develop AAA Games Based on New IPs

Square Enix have made an announcement through a press release they would joining a “strategic alliance” with Chinese corporation Tencent Holdings.

Square Enix Joins Forces with Tencent to Develop AAA Games Based on New IPs

In an effort to progress business development efforts and to expand content services worldwide, Square Enix and Tencent Holdings have entered a joint-venture. The aim is to co-develop AAA games based on new IPs, licensing of already existent IPs and more.

Tencent Group Senior Vice President Steven Ma commented:

We have strong expectations for this strategic alliance with Square Enix Group. The alliance will enable us to couple our broad range of internet service capabilities to Square Enix Group’s superb creativity, and provide our customers with unprecedented content experiences on a global basis.

The CEO and President of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda hopes that this venture will help to “diversify” what their company has to offer:

Tencent Group and Square Enix Group share the vision of utilizing technology and creativity to deliver unprecedented entertainment experiences and services to a global audience. This newly established alliance will be a strong boost to Square Enix Group’s strategy to diversify our content offerings and expand access channels to a wider customer base.

With this new alliance it will be interesting to see what new IPs they will create together. Tencent the tech giant has already brought games from international developers to China such as Activision Blizzard, Epic Games and more. They also own the Steam rival platform WeGame. As they co-develop games for the global market with Square Enix, we could be getting some eye-catching projects.

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