Square Enix E3 Conference Summary

Square Enix E3 Conference Summary

Last updated on August 3rd, 2015

This is all the info that we have collected from the Square enix conference. Credits goes to Blitzkier for doing all the notes I’m just prettying them up

Just cause 3: Gameplay video shown you will have infinite grenades and c4.multiple simultaneous grapples,highly destructible terrain,will have use of a wingsuit,you can use 2 handed weapons while parachuting.

Platinum Games will be developing a new Nier sequel due to popular demand ,further details to come fall 2015. Exciting news!

Rise of the Tomb Raider – More emphasis on actual tombs, a lot of model and texture details e.g snow falling on Lara’s eyelashes show.

Lara Croft Go -Android and IOS cel-shaded turn based game based on the popular IP

FFVII -Same trailer as the Sony conference,IOS version of the pc version coming in summer 2015 ps4 version will be coming in winter 2015

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key– Android and ios game shows familiar combat from the games.

Kingdom Hearts 3-New gameplay trailer shown. Donald and Goofy turn into weapons (Donald turning into twin guns shown) Lot more colour in the world combat is as great as ever.

World of Final Fantasy – Chiibi graphics game for iOS and android.Slight gameplay video shown

Hitman – victor Novakov blowing whistle on operatives. Pre made sample assassinations shown similar graphics to Hitman:Absolution .need to rank up to gain access to better weapons and missions. limited events which once gone stay gone.constant updates will give loads of new contracts all over the world.New version of the sniper game incoming as well

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness: shows a gameplay video showing a 6 character party, has seamless transition between combat and traversal due to be released Q2 2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided set 2 years after revolution:Jensen and augments on the run. Jensen has joined Interpol as a double agent to stop terrorists as well as the Illuminati inside Interpol itself,arm blade can now be used as projectiles and as swords more powers as well, due for release early 2016. Deus Ex Universe mobile app available now

Final Fantasy portal app – coming this summer includes info from xiv to to the new world of final fantasy

New Square Enix studio:Tokyo rpg factory showing the commitment Square Enix has to producing fantastic rpg experiences,new game has the codename Project Setsuna and will have a global release sometime in 2016

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3 comments on “Square Enix E3 Conference Summary”

  1. Avatar Serious_Much says:

    FFVII to be released winter this year? Surely
    That’s not right. Only just been announced

  2. Avatar WolvesGlare says:

    Fallout 4 was just announced too, it’s out in November lol. They’ve been in production way before they announced ’em.

  3. phage83 says:

    the ff7 thats coming out this year is the pc port not the remake

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