Speedrunner Beats “Divinity: Original Sin 2” In Under 40 minutes!

Speedrunner Beats “Divinity: Original Sin 2” In Under 40 minutes!

It has only been 3 weeks since Larian Studio’s highly-successful CRPG, Divinity: Original Sin 2  was released. And already, a speedrunner had just set the first record for the fastest completion time of the game, so far.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Hold My Beer…

That speedrunner goes by the name, Onin who beat the game at an incredible 37 minutes and 48 seconds. Usually RPGs would take a minimum of 40-50 hours to finish, and for completionists, that number can go up into the hundreds.

To give you a brief rundown on how this impressive feat was accomplished, Onin played as Fane with the Lone Wolf Talent, an undead character whose “Play Deadskill was advantageously abused to scurry around battles, then teleporting away afterwards.

There is a lot more to this, and even more impressive is that all of this was done within the confines of Divinity: Original Sin 2‘s  “rules”. This is certainly a testament to how the game can be creatively played in, well, almost anyway imaginable.

You can check out the entire Divinity: Original Sin 2  speedrun below. But be warned, the footage contains spoilers  for the game!

Divinity: Original Sin 2  is currently available for PC via Steam and GOG.

You can read our review on Divinity: Original Sin 2  to understand why this was possible. You can also check out our Getting Started Guide to help you get the most out of the game.

If you’d like more speedruns, you can check out NaxHPL’s run of the original Dark Souls,  breaking the games’ record, all the while collecting every single  achievement for the title.

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