Space Marine 2 Confirms 3-Player Co-Op Campaign
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Space Marine 2 Confirms 3-Player Co-Op Campaign

Space Marine 2 gets another action-packed trailer. We get to see even more of our character facing off against the Tyranid legions.

Space Marine 2 Confirms 3-Player Co-Op Campaign

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, developed by Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive, has recently been showcased at the Summer Game Fest 2023 live show. This exciting third-person action game takes players into the immersive universe of Warhammer 40,0000. 

Definitely, the biggest surprise here is that the game will feature up to three-player co-op in the campaign. We also get confirmation of the actual locations in which we will be facing off against the Tyranid hordes in Space Marine 2. 

There is Only War

Set in the far future of the 41st millennium, where conflict reigns supreme, Warhammer 40,0000 depicts a universe consumed by war. The central creed of this universe is “There is only war,” emphasizing the perpetual struggle against heresy, Xenos, and various abominations. Humanity’s survival hinges on the unwavering light and protection of the immortal God-Emperor of Mankind.

Space Marine 2 - A Universe at War
A Universe at War

In the upcoming Space Marine 2, players assume the role of Lieutenant Titus, portrayed by Clive Standen, as they dive into an intergalactic conflict. After being reinstated as a Space Marine, players will harness the unparalleled superhuman abilities and brutality of the Emperor’s greatest warriors. His return to the ranks of the Space Marines is raising some eyebrows, however, as some question the decision to bring him back. Considering that he could have potentially been afflicted with the tendrils of Corruption, that distrust is definitely warranted. 

Space Marine 2 - Never Surrender
Never Surrender

Some of the confirmed weaponry we can wield will be the traditional bolter, a heavy bolter (for mowing down hundreds of foes at a time), the almighty chain sword, and more. Even more impressive is the return of the jump pack. This booster will allow Lieutenant Titus to fly into the air, only to come crashing down with menacing force onto his foes. The animation itself looks glorious and earns the game the right to be called Space Marine 2.

The Hive Minds Behind Space Marine 2

The Tyranids are still looking to be the predominant antagonist of the game. Though of course, we can expect Chaos to squeeze its way again into the game in some capacity. The Tyranids are quite terrifying and relentless and driven by an insatiable hunger. It wouldn’t be so bad if the hunger was just for flesh and meat, but the Tryanids assimilate and absorb genetic material to make their own. 

Space Marine 2 - Never Retreat
Never Retreat

It looks as if we are going to be engaging a “splinter” Tyranid fleet. Lore buffs of the Warhammer mythos will raise eyebrows here as this term canonically pertains to literal copies of the handbook fleets, just with a different name. “Custom Fleets” are more interesting, as they have a base hive to choose from, but they can select different mutations and traits from other fleets entirely. 

Space Marine 2 - Mow Down the Xenos
Mow Down the Xenos

One extremely striking element of all of the Space Marine 2 trailers so far is getting to see how busy each scene is. Almost every frame is crawling with dozens, if not hundreds, of Tyranids all at once. The way they skitter through the landscape is highly reminiscent of how the Plague Tale games handle rats. Except this time around the critters are massively armored bloodthirsty alien scum. 

Additionally, we do get confirmation that players will be able to gleefully rampage through two different planets: Avarax and Kodaku. These seem to be entirely new locations created just for Space Marine 2. The change is definitely welcome, as the previous game took place entirely in a forge world whose color palette was predominantly brown. At least these two planets seem to be more visually striking than the predecessor. 

Space Marines, Advance!! 

The Adeptus Astartes, commonly known as the Space Marines, epitomizes the will of the Emperor. As humanity’s champions, they embody the God-Emperor’s vision and fight tirelessly to protect mankind. Captain Titus is part of the Ultramarines Chapter, one of the most iconic of groups in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They are led by their revered Primarch, Roboute Guilliman, and embody the virtues of honor and duty above all else. 

Space Marine 2 - Warhammer's Gothic Art Style in Full Display
Warhammer’s Gothic Art Style in Full Display

Join the ranks of the Astartes in Space Marine 2 as you defend humanity against heresy, xenos, and other abominations. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is set to release “some time” this winter on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Equip yourself, prepare for battle, and become the savior of the Imperium. The fate of the 41st millennium is in your armored power gloves. 

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