Sony Unveils New PS5 Logo at CES 2020

Sony Unveils New PS5 Logo at CES 2020

Today at Sony’s press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, a new unveiling of PS5 was not exactly what most speculated to be revealed.

Sony Unveils New PS5 Logo at CES 2020

Today at CES 2020 Sony’s press conference shared the latest logo which looks pretty similar to the PS4 logo. Keeping with the same look that consumers recognise about the brand. Many believed that Sony would reveal Playstation 5 during the press con due to sharing what was thought to be a teaser due to the statement of “unveiling unique vision of the future”. However, it looks like Sony are in keeping with past patterns and only showing non-gaming products. If you want to find out more about what’s known so far you can check out Playstation 5 Gets A Release Window & New Controller and PS5 Confirmed To Have Backwards Compatibility With PS4.

They’re have been leaks of dev kits which supposedly show the front and back of the console, but Sony have not confirmed that this is the final look of the console.

You can check out the new logo below:

Playstation 5 will release Q4 2020, no price or confirmed release date has been announced as of yet.

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