Sony Rewards Gets Playstation Integration

Sony Rewards Gets Playstation Integration

Playstation fans rejoice!  Sony just announced some neat Playstation integration into their already existing Sony Rewards program which is a loyalty program that rewards customers for relevant purchases in the form of point redemption for various products and services.   Starting now people can create a Sony Rewards account, link it to their PSN, and purchases on the Playstation Store count towards those rewards.  Here is a breakdown of the various multipliers to your points (as gamers that’s a language we understand):

play on


Playstation Store

  • One point for every 1 dollar spent.

Sony Store

  • One point for every dollar spent online or in store.


  • Get points for buying through various retailers when buy through Points Plus on Sony Rewards.

Sony Pictures

  • Points for uploading movie ticket stubs and registering DVD’s and Blu Ray’s.


  • If you use the Playstation Credit Card, you get 10x points for PS Store purchases, 3x at Sony Stores, 3x at quick service restaurants and theaters and 1x for every dollar spent everywhere else.  Linking the Rewards and PSN accounts gets you 11x points for PS Store purchases.  With 1000 points equally a 10$ PS store code, that 11x multiplier will add up fast.

Point Bonuses

  • 100 Bonus points if you sign up by 11/12
  • 250 Bonus points if you buy a year of PS+ by 11/30

The Skinny

It’s nice to get that integration as it costs nothing extra to the consumers here.  For those of us who are already making purchases on the PS store buying games and Plus subs it’s a nice kickback that only requires creating an account on Sony Rewards and linking it to our PSN account.  If you are in the market for a credit card, signing up and paying off the balance in full each month can be a savvy way to take advantage of the 11x multiplier and use our everyday purchases to fund our addictive hobbies!  I just linked my accounts yesterday and am considering signing up for the Playstation card to do just that.  With the on again off again promos the PS Store runs with 10$ for every 50$ spent the savings could pile up easily even if all you’re doing is buying plus memberships with it.  What do you think?  Win?

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