Sony Removes Release Dates From CES 2021 Trailer

Sony Removes Release Dates From CES 2021 Trailer

Sony has now removed many of the details and game release dates from the recent CES trailer.

Sony Removes Release Dates From CES 2021 Trailer

During the CES trailer last week, info on game releases were shared including Capcom’s upcoming title Pragmata, which was listed for 2023, a year later than its original 2022 announced release date.

There was also Project Athia from Square Enix and being developed by Luminous Production, which was given a January 2022 release date, plus being a 2 year exclusive for PS5.

There was also the release window for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, stating a March 2021 released, changed from it’s Spring 2021 announcement.

Another title mentioned was Returnal, listed for March 19th, Solar Ash in June and Little Devil which was listed for July. Stray and GhostWire Toyko were also shared to be slated for October.

Original info released with the CES trailer

However Sony have now uploaded a replacement trailer on Youtube, now only specifying the first-party info in the fine print. Sony have removed all the third-party release dates and windows.

Update CES Trailer now with only first-party PS5 titles

This could mean the information was not suppose to be released yet, or incorrect. Sony have not comment on the reason for taking down the original information, nor confirmed if those release windows/info was correct.

You can check out the updated trailer below:

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