Siem Reap Day 6: Museum, Shopping, Bargaining and a Spiritual Water Blessing

Siem Reap Day 6: Museum, Shopping, Bargaining and a Spiritual Water Blessing

Our Perfect Gamer Holiday Guide day 6 is dedicated to wrapping up knowledge and souvenirs. The markets are not as chaotic as Uncharted would have you believe, but they can be very entertaining regardless.

Perfect Gamer Holiday Day 6: Museum, Shopping, Bargaining and a Spiritual Water Blessing

For the sixth and last day of this gamer destination holiday, we took two hours for a detailed and guided museum visit. In the afternoon, we attended a Buddhist Water Blessing and then headed out to the Night Market to procure souvenirs.

Angkor National Museum

Although not the actual “National Museum” of Cambodia, this facility will surely satisfy your historic curiosity and fill gaps in your temple knowledge. The museum is open 08.30 AM to 18.00 from 1 Apr – 30 Sep; and half an hour later from Oct – 31 Mach.

Adults pay USD 12, children USD 6. You can also buy an Audio Tour in several languages for about 5 USD, which is 100% recommended!


This flyer for the Angkor National Museum highlights its exhibitions. Make sure to get the audio tour! Plan to be there at least 2 hours

You leave the museum through a shop, that is actually very fairly priced and contains many things you can consider.


A paper mache Bayon Face


A beautiful Buddha on Naga Statuette


A wonderful miniature Angkor Wat

Spiritual Water Blessing

This activity is available to anyone as Buddhist monasteries do not reject non-buddhists for such rituals. You can schedule this through your hotel or travel agent, or even by asking the locals for help.

Water blessings are traditional Cambodian Hindu and Buddhist practice kept alive from the Khmer Empire days. Locals attend these on every moon cycle and receive small red strings on their wrists for purification and good luck. The payments for the blessings are offerings of food, tea, etc to the monks themselves.


A monk typing a red threads as a knot after the blessing

Depending on your blessing, the monks or monk will chant harmoniously to bless you with good luck, good health and safe ventures while only sprinkling you with waters. The one we chose is a longer ritual and a large pot of blessed water with Lotus flowers being literally poured over your head as the monk chant for your good luck and happiness. You’ll get drenched so bring a change of clothes!

Siem Reap Night Market Shopping & Bargaining

To wrap up our holiday, souvenirs for friends, family and as reminders of the visit were necessary. We set out to visit the local markets and the Siem Reap’s famous Night Market. Pickpockets abound and the prices go up and down depending on your face, so get ready for some serious bargaining.

To start, don’t let the hotel or your Tour Guide tell you where to go (unless you are employing Sophia because he’s awesome and won’t trick you). All hotels and guides get kickbacks from expensive shops, that will lie through their teeth about having everything hand-crafted and done by disabled war veterans. AngkorBigLuck does actually employ survivors of landmines and such, but if you buy from here don’t settle for anything more than 20% of their initial asking price. Yes, they mark up by 80% and more!

If you head to Khmer Ceramics, you’ll find some affordable and easy souvenirs without bargaining hassle, such as:


A Bayon Face Mug. Perfect for my tea addiction


This awesome Uncharted-friendly bottle

For the evening, visit the Night Market to get a fun experience – and decide beforehand what your prices are. Do not settle for just one shop, visit several to get an idea of the price range. Then make up your mind about your desires and offer somewhat under that and DO.NOT.BUDGE.


I managed to procure four beautiful paintings for USD 200. They are not amazing technique or artistry, but they were the exact souvenir I wanted to bring home

For the evening, we relaxed thanks to the wonderful resort service you can read about in our Aman Amansaran Review.

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