Siem Reap Day 3: Angkor Wat Sunrise, Ta Prohm Tomb Raider, and Traditional Khmer Breakfast

Siem Reap Day 3: Angkor Wat Sunrise, Ta Prohm Tomb Raider, and Traditional Khmer Breakfast

Our Perfect Gamer Holiday Guide day 3 takes us to Angkor Wat amd Ta Prohm in Siem Reap. Make sure to bring your Uncharted Flashlight and your camera as this Tomb Raider experience demands you wake up at 4AM!

Perfect Gamer Holiday Day 3: Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm & Khmer Breakfast

The most iconic of Cambodia’s locations is proudly depicted on their national flag. To witness this temple in all of its glory, you must get out of bed before the sun is even out. Then make your Tuk-Tuk way to enter the magnificence that is Angkor Wat. Here I’ll teach you some tricks to truly avoid the crowds and get the experience all to yourself.


Do get up at 4 AM and enjoy the ride with a rather empty city!

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is truly magnificent and it’s understandable why it’s regarded as the largest religious complex in the world.


The view from the main door of the inner sanctum, looking out to the libraries and towards the West

This panorama shows a side view of one of the libraries, the purification pool, and the Angkor Wat’s skyline. Once upon a time, the area was used for ritual dances, military processions and receiving foreign dignitaries.


During its time, Angkor Wat boasted 1,000,000 residents, where a European capital would have had 50,000

After this is done, and in spite of the heat, we are off to visit Tomb Raider’s shoot location and a beautiful example of the jungle retaking man-made structures.

Ta Prohm

Our next destination is Ta Prohm, a Buddhist temple built in 1186 AD by King Jayavarman VII. With the fall of the Khmer empire, the temple was completely abandoned and overrun by the jungle’s massive Strangler Fig trees.

Once back at the resort, we had a wonderful evening thanks to a visit to the local circus. You can read about it in our Aman Amansaran Review.

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