Shining Resonance Refrain: Battle Guide & Tips

Shining Resonance Refrain: Battle Guide & Tips

While Shining Resonance Refrain has numerous tutorial on battling enemies, but there are small gaps in information that is conveyed to players. Some of this information can be learnt by jumping into fights and others might take a while to catch on. I’ll share some tips on how to hit the ground running as soon as you start the game.

Shining Resonance Refrain: Battle Guide & Tips

Shining Resonance Refrain is a remastered version of the original Sega action-RPG Shining Resonance, bringing update graphics and some new characters to join the fray. The JRPG uses the unique B.A.N.D system, which allows your party to team up to play a song together which enhances stats. There are few tips and tricks you can learn making the most from your Shining Resonance Refrain experience.

Action Points (AP) & Magic Points (MP)

  • AP stands for Action points, in a way it acts as how your stamina would like in other RPG games and it also dictates how many regular attacks can be achieved. Regular attacks can be used by hitting the Circle or Triangle button. AP will recharge if you stop using your regular attacks or use other attacks like Force attacks.

  • MP stands for Magic points which allows for players to use Force attacks. This works similarly to magic skills in other RPGs, which would use Mana. This bar takes longer to recharge but can be accelerated by using regular attacks.

Be Mobile

  • The X button allows players to dash around the battlefield. Most attacks from enemies are slow or have a limited AOE, being mobile gets you out of tight situations.

Block If Pressured

  • Pressing Square brings up a shield that will block damage.
  • Yuma’s original Tuning ability will make him block automatically, as long as he isn’t in the middle of a move. This is a good tactic in the beginning, when controlling Yuma as a leader for the party.

Break & Statuses

  • Remember to break enemies by exploiting their weaknesses. Using attacks that inflict Break status on an enemy, will cause the enemy to be stunned for a short period of time, giving a great opportunity to deal some real damage.
  • Use status effects in your favor.
  • Knock enemies down as much as possible.


  • Experiment with combos to fit the ones that best work for you. I enjoy using Yuma’s Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle into a lightning strike. To break an opponent I use triangle. If the enemy gets downed by my attack, I follow up with a Ground Smash to inflict more damage.

Dragonshift But Avoid Berserk 

  • Turn into the Shining Dragon by pressing L1 + R1. Your MP will decrease while in this mode, so don’t linger too long or you may turn Berserk which cause you to lose control of Yuma. Re-press  L1 + R1 to convert back to human.
  • Circle is a normal attack, Triangle will be a break attack, Square is for a fire breath attack, X is for a dash attack.

Keep Them Guessing 

  • Don’t button mash! There are combos that can be stringed along with variations to tailor to monsters’ weaknesses. There are even abilities that should be used after a particular attack to get a boost in damage!

Lock On

  • Many players who struggle with camera angles and connecting their attacks don’t seem to know or don’t use the lock on feature. To lock on use R2 on your PS4 controller and then use the analog stick to change the targets you are after.

Utilize B.A.N.D.

  • In Op. 2, players will gain the ability to use B.A.N.D. performances. The B.A.N.D. gauge on the left needs to be at least Level 1 to activate it. B.A.N.D. effects will differ depending on the leader.
  • B.A.N.D. Leader effects:
    • Yuma’s effect increases physical attacks and prevents stumbling.
    • Increasing magic attack damage and letting your status attacks get a 100% ailment rate against enemies.
    • Increases critical rate of all attacks and raises your accuracy to 100%.
  • B.A.N.D. attacks will calm down a berserk Yuma and let him turn back into a human allowing players to use Dragonshift more often. Maximize your transformation by allowing yourself to berserk then trigger a B.A.N.D. performance with R1 to be turned back into human form.

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