Shining Resonance Refrain: All DLC Outfits Guide

Shining Resonance Refrain: All DLC Outfits Guide

Shining Resonance Refrain’s DLC was introduced after the original game’s release in Japan. It consists of Refrain Mode along with various swimsuit and other outfits for characters. For the Western release, both the base game and the DLC are included in one package. So you may ask “where are the DLC outfits?” Read on below for how to find them and all the outfits for each character.

Shining Resonance Refrain: All DLC Outfits

Players will have to read the introduction during the beginning of Op. 2 until the game lets you roam in the Downtown area. Bring up your menu and select “Items”, in your item inventory you will have different tabs. Hover over key items and players can find their DLC outfits all here. Certain outfits will unlock traits for their character.

Item menu to access outfits

Kirika Towa Alma

  • Kirika Black Lotus 1
  • Kirika Black Lotus 2
  • Kirika Crimson Lotus 1
  • Kirika Crimson Lotus 2
  • Kirika Idol
  • Kirika Maid: Unlocks Shining Maid Trait
  • Kirika Priestess: Default
  • Kirika Special
  • Kirika Swimsuit
  • Kirika Swimsuit 2
  • Kirika Swimsuit 3
  • Kirika Uniform

Sonia Blanche

  • Sonia Armor: Default
  • Sonia Idol
  • Sonia Maid: Unlocks Shining Maid Trait
  • Sonia Swimsuit
  • Sonia Swimsuit 2
  • Sonia Swimsuit 3
  • Sonia Swimsuit 4
  • Sonia Swimsuit 5
  • Sonia Uniform

Yuma Ilvern

  • Yuma Idol: Unlocks Superstar Trait
  • Yuma Regular: Default

Yuma Idol

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