Shining Resonance Refrain: Affection Guide

Shining Resonance Refrain: Affection Guide

During the story of Shining Resonance Refrain, as early as Op. 2, players can interact with certain NPCs and by selecting the proper response their bonds can be deepened. Players can deepen or lessen their bonds so choose carefully! Keep the individual personality and behaviors of the NPC in mind when interacting with them. In this guide I will show you how to unlock unique endings according to each NPC.

Shining Resonance Refrain: Affection Guide

When bonds are strengthen enough, during camps, players can invite the intended NPC to a night event. With a super deep bond, players can invite the intended NPC on a series of dates. With enough affection and dates, players unlock a unique ending. Below are some of the interactions players will encounter.

Green Text = Increased Affection
Red Text = Decreased Affection
Regular Text = No change 

Kirika Towa Alma

Interaction Events

Op. 2

Kirika: “…Your Radiance, is there something your require of me?”

  • “Nothing, really. I just wanted to talk to you.”
  • “…Could you please speak normally?”
  • “I wanted to say thanks for saving me.”
  • Say nothing

Op. 3

Kirika: “I will talk to him. I only ask that you stay your anger…”

  • “I’m not angry.”
  • “He must be hard on you too.”
  • “Your brother is scary…”
  • Say nothing

Op. 4

Kirika: “…My apologies. I am still getting used to calling Yuma…”

  • “You’ll get used to it eventually.”
  • “You can call me “Your Radiance” if you want..”
  • “Just remember next time.”
  • Say nothing

Late Night Events

Kirika: “*giggle* Do you suppose he has an owner? He is quite friendly. Would you like to pet him?”

  • “Don’t mind if I do.”
  • “No thanks…”
  • “Do you like cats, Kirika?”
  • Say nothing

Kirika: “I would be happy to lend you a book, I think my collection has something to suit any taste. What would you like”

  • “A biography sounds good.”
  • “How about horror?”
  • “Do You have, um… romance?”
  • Say nothing

Yuma: “D-Don’t laugh, but…”

  • “It was for world peace.”
  • “I couldn’t even think of one.”
  • “I wished for a girlfriend.”
  • Say nothing

Kirika: “I am glad that makes you so happy… Have any of my expressions left that much of an impression on you?”

  • “Your smile.”
  • “Your anger.”
  • “Your distress.”
  • Say nothing

Yuma: “Huh? umm…”

  • “You would be the older sister.”
  • “Rinna, maybe?”
  • “I’m not sure.”
  • Say nothing

Kirika: “If I were to dress like someone else, whose attire do you think would best suit me?”

  • “Rinna’s”
  • “Agnum’s”
  • “Sonia’s”
  • Say nothing

Kirika: *giggle* Well, it is only a feeling. Do you have a favorite season, Yuma?”

  • “Spring”
  • “Summer”
  • “Winter”
  • Say nothing

Sonia Blanche

Interaction Events

 Op. 2

Sonia: “Oh, Yuma. How are things? Have you gotten used to the city?”

  • “I don’t feel comfortable here yet…”
  • “I don’t really know.”
  • “Yeah! I feel comfortable here now!”
  • Say nothing

Op. 3

Sonia: “I was told to wait here for him, but he hasn’t returned yet. I wonder if something happened…”

  • “Do you want me to go look for him?”
  • “C-Captain Burroughs!?”
  • “I think I saw him around the castle…”
  • Say nothing

Op. 4

Sonia: “How’s it going, Yuma? Have you been training? If you skip one day, you regress three, so you have to practice every day.”

  • “I train every day.”
  • “I was totally about to train.”
  • “You train every day, Sonia?”
  • Say nothing

Late Night Events

Sonia: “I know. You can smell it every time you walk by, and then you basically have no choice but to stop by. What did you get?”

  • “Frog-on-a-stick.”
  • “Fried chicken.”
  • “Salt-grilled mackerel.”
  • Say nothing

Sonia: “I have to, if I want to be as strong as captain Burroughs someday. What about you, Yuma?”

  • “I usually take it easy.”
  • “I go for walk around the city.”
  • “I actually train to…”
  • Say nothing

Sonia: “…I know! How about you try wearing armor too?”

  • “Is there an armor that fits me?”
  • “But you show a lot of skin…”
  • “It’s all too heavy for me.”
  • Say nothing

Sonia: “*sigh* Wish I knew some tricks to help me sleep better”

  • “You just have to relax.”
  • “Don’t force it.”
  • “Maybe if you eat something?”
  • Say nothing

Sonia: “You think so? Sometimes I wonder if this is the best I can do…”

  • “Don’t give up”
  • “That’s not like you, Sonia.”
  • “You want to protect your land, right?”
  • Say nothing

Sonia: “It’s all right. Even if something attacks us, I’ll protect you!”

  • “We’ll fight together.”
  • “I can protect you, too.”
  • “You’re so dependable…”
  • Say nothing

Refrain Mode NPCs


Interaction Events


Interaction Events

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