Shadow of War Mobile Game Announced, Coming This Fall

Shadow of War Mobile Game Announced, Coming This Fall

Warner Brothers announced that Shadow of War is getting an accompanying mobile game for Android and iOS. Check out the launch trailer:

Shadow of War Mobile Game Announced

The game features celebrated characters from the franchise and the Lords of the Rings stories such as Celebrimbor, Gimli, and Boromir. You will head out across Mordor and recruit warriors to take down in Orcs in real time combat. The Nemesis system is going to be in the game will let you build an army of loyal followers.

Shadow of War mobile will be available in the fall on iOS and Android and is now open for pre-registration.

Recently we got a look at another iconic character that will be appearing in the main game, with a story trailer that revealed the deadly spider Shelob in her not so arachnid form.

Thoughts on the game and its mobile companion? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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