Shadow of War Releases New Shelob Trailer That Gets Intense

Shadow of War Releases New Shelob Trailer That Gets Intense

Warner Brothers and Monolith have released a new trailer for Shadow of War that focuses on Shelob, the evil spider that we know so well but in a much different form. Check it out:

Shadow of War Shelob Trailer

In the trailer we get a look at Shelob in her human form, as she lures main protagonist Talion with visions of the future. Talion’s partner, the elven spirit Celebrimbor does not trust her for obvious reasons and this sparks tension between the two. The trailer later shows her in her nightmare fuel spider form, and if those fears aren’t enough we also get a look at the Nazgul. There is a dark tone to this game and it seems like it may have its share of skin crawling moments.

Shadow of War

Shadow of War is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor and is looking to beef up the franchise’s signature combat and nemesis system as well as its story within the sweeping events of Tolkien’s fantasy masterwork. It’s set to release October 10th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. ckmishn says:

    Because of course the spawn of Ungoliant had to be made into a hot chick to sell video games.

    Right now, in Wolvercote Cemetery in Oxford, England there is a grave being disturbed from the inside as the result of a body turning over.

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