Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Nightmare DLC Guide

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Nightmare DLC Guide

Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s newest DLC, The Nightmare went live on January 22, 2019. The Nightmare DLC is free to download for all season pass holders and those who wish to purchase it can do so from their respective online store. Along with the new quest, players can obtain a new pair of grapple hooks, new armor, and once completed a new skill. In this guide, I’ll be instructing how to traverse the new tomb as well as solve the puzzles.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Nightmare DLC Guide

Once players have logged into their games after purchasing the Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Nightmare DLC a message will appear instructing them how to access the new mission. This mission resides in Paititi and can be accessed under the “Side Mission” menu.

Use the “Side Missions” menu to access the Path of Fear mission

New Armor

You will also be gaining new pieces of gear, these a part of the Fear Incarnate Gear, this includes a Griff of Fear and Scaled of Q.

Griff of Fear

A primal design optimized for climbing and fighting. Enemies are more likely to get knocked down, and will stay down longer.

Scales of Q

Thick hides and solid bones provide twice of much resistance to melee attacks.

The Nightmare

Speak with Jonah and Uchu to initiate the questline then head towards the water. Dive underwater and swim in the only path available, squeezing through a narrow passage. Players will recognise they are approaching the end once they see a beam of light that meets the water, coming from the left-hand side. Continue swimming forward to reach the land.

Use the vines to scale the walls

There will be another pool of water immediately to the left. Dive while swimming towards the left side. This will take you to a confined passageway, but will open up into a larger area which will lead to land. From here jump towards the rocky/hivelike boulder to grapple onto and jump towards the right shelf. Follow this path making sure to jump over the gap before reaching a long straightaway. Players will have to jump and swing onto the plant-like tendrils, then grapple the rocky boulder. It is ideal to to swing back and forth to speed up momentum, gaining enough height to jump over the the adjacent pool.

Once here, swim towards the end of the pool and make for the land. Jump over the gap then grapple onto the wall, move left to jump and proceed to grapple to the next wall. Pull yourself up and continue to approach the face of the ruin. To the left of the face you will see a raised hill/platform that you can jump from and with the use of the tendrils, swing into the open platform.

Continue to follow the only path where a cutscene takes place. Exit the room by taking the only passageway out. Open the double doors towards the left while continuing to walk down the corridor. Swim towards the blue light, unblock the way and squeeze through. Swim past the purple lights, past the tight corridor, up a narrow path to reach the next stretch of land.

Players will have to fight several shadow-like enemies but these will not pose a large threat as they can easily be dispatched by a few gunshots. Head straight until you see a raised platform on the left-hand side which you must take to continue your journey. Take out more of the shadow enemies while heading down the path. As you progress the shadow enemies will have stronger weapons and armor so play cautiously while using the environment to your favor.

Next you will find yourself awaking back in the city, exit from the crowd to be transported back into a glum, bleak empty space. Make your way to the large wooden door and open it. It will transport you next to a cemetery, inspect 3 tombstones while looking for Jonah before witnessing another cutscene.

Several more cutscenes play out and then we regain control of Lara, continuing our quest back in the tomb, looking for the White Breath. Enter the tomb, begin to run up the fallen log, jump over the gap using the long outward sticking branch to swing across. Run up the stone stairs then veer off towards the right, and jump to grapple onto the stone wall. Repel down until the rope is exhausted and jump towards the ground. Jump over the gap using the branch to grapple over then repeat to cross the next gap.

Continue heading down this path as you veer off to the right, taking the pathĀ  that is under the tree that has the red cloth. This will lead to a stone stairs followed by an outward sticking plank that can be jumped from, continue forward by grappling onto a rock formation. Move right along the rock path and climb up one rock with a white mark and onward to the ascending platforms. This should lead to the Gather Followers Mural.

Gathering Follows Mural

Use the zipline to reach the lower platform. Run across the gap and grapple onto the rock and climb upwards. Enter the room situated on the right by crossing the narrow beam, you will then discover the Exiled Twins Mural. Climb the white covered rocks next to the mural to reach a high platform which allows Lara to jump over the lock door. Jump then grapple the rock to descend safely below you.

Exiled Twins Mural

Descend the stone stairs, jump to the lower platform and continue heading straight until you see a hanging platform. Climb it to reach the other side that will contain a ladder. Climb that ladder, collect the Instrument Blueprint on the far right corner then interact with the center gear to rotate a platform.

Jump across the newly formed gap, pull yourself up, and turn your attention to the left. There will be these 2 small pillars/stumps that must be pushed forward until they fall into place which will open the door.

In this section there is a high path on the left side and a lower path on the left side. To begin, players should jump onto the high path while noting the tempo of the beating drums so they don’t get injured while running across it. As they do this they will notice a drum will be missing. Jump straight, turn to the right and push the raising pillar/stump towards the wall to unlock the missing drum. Now they must run back to the start of the level, taking the lower path as spikes will raise up as the drums play.

Listen to the rhythm of the drums to determine when it is safe to pass

Once again, run across all the drums after the sticks hit it to ensure a safe journey. At the end of the path will be a platform players will have to shoot with an arrow to create a zipline. Zipline across, turn to the right to see another pillar/stump that needs to be pushed into place. Turn around, head down the right pathway to find another drum that needs to be unlocked. Push the small totem into place. Turn around a final time and jump across the gap near first pillar/stump we put into place. It will lead us to a wall, we must scale to reach the higher ground. From here, run across the drums until you reach solid ground.

You will find small column/totem-like stones that can be pushed to unlock blocked paths

Turn left to see the path which you must take and then jump over the gap to reach. Straight ahead from where you have just landed, will be anotherĀ pillar that must be put into place while avoiding being skewered by spikes. Afterwards, run along the path to repeat your actions with the totem there.

Retrace your steps back to the initial post that we converted into a zipline. Lara should be able to run across the whole left side now, so traverse across the various platforms. Be careful as 2 platforms move into position based on the horn that plays, so listen out for this sound.

At the end of the path will be a lever and another post. Move the lever closer to the post as this moves the platform in the distance over to create a new pathway. Shoot an arrow at the post and anchor the lever to it keeping the new pathway stable. Proceed across the new path until Lara finds a crank she must interact with. Shoot the post across the large gap, anchor it to the crank and proceed to crank the lever until its locked in place. Climb up the wall, jump onto the newly placed platform, then choose either the left or right path. At the end, interact with the totem to receive the White Breath. Go back to meetĀ Jonah and Uchu to finish the quest line and receive these rewards:


  • +1 Skill point
  • Scales of Q Feathered Serpent
  • Griff of Fear White Knuckle

Hopefully following this guide you can escape the nightmare and reap the rewards! Enjoy your newly claimed Scales of Q gear and Griff of Fear for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nightmare DLC.

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