Seven: The Days Long Gone Preview: A Post-Apocalyptic “Thief”

Seven: The Days Long Gone Preview: A Post-Apocalyptic “Thief”

In the summer of 2015, new studio Fool’s Theory announced their debut game Seven: The Days Long Gone.  Tucked away in the mountains of south Poland, the team is comprised of former members of the Witcher  series development team, but Seven  is anything but the Witcher. A self-professed Thief  inspired game, Seven is considerably more than that description and in reality merges the classic isometric gameplay of Diablo  with stealth elements.

But the big twist that spins the genre’s conventions is a parkour-like traversal system that lets you climb and jump vertically, and horizontally with absolute freedom, in ways we see with Assassin’s Creed.  Mix all of that with cel-shaded graphics and a post-apocalyptic setting that are reminiscent of Borderlands  and Wasteland,  and you’ve got quite the genre salad! Let’s take a closer look at all of these elements and how they will interact to create a potentially brand new gameplay experience.

Genre:  Action-adventure,  RPG
Developed by:  IMGN.PRO  &  Fool’s Theory
Published by:  IMGN.PRO
Release date:  December 1st, 2017
Platforms:  PC

Seven: The Days Long Gone Features

  • Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG that’s set in a grim, dangerous, post-apocalyptic environment.
  • Nonlinear story built around dual game worlds, being a mix of Dark Ages and Cybperpunk.
  • Parkour climbing system completely re-defining the genre.
  • From the former CD Projekt RED developers – the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • High-quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Story & Setting

In Seven: The Days Long Gone  you play the role of a lone traveler exploring the land that comprises the Empire of Vetrall. The land is in a post-apocalyptic state due to a cataclysm. Long ago some people attempted to bring God down to Earth to answer for humanity’s suffering. The resulting outcome was large scale destruction, that wiped out much of humanity. Some of humanity survived, but go on in a world completely changed.


Where’s everybody?

Through mysterious reasons, remnants of old and esoteric buildings have re-emerged from beneath the rubble. Their existence, weaponry and alleged magical properties are a mystery to most except for a group called the “Technomagi”. The presiding Vetrall empire, led by ‘Emperor Drugun’ has walled off the resurfaced cities to keep out looters as well as those looking for answers. For their own means, the Empire has forced their subjects into hard labor excavating the cities. Surviving the cataclysm was certainly no blessing for many.


Seven: The Days Long Gone  is a 3D isometric RPG, in which you take on the role of a thief master. The perspective is similar to Diablo and features a colorful cel-shaded patina to its graphics, that when mixed with the post-apocalyptic, dystopic setting reminds one of the Borderlands and Wasteland series of games. You’ll be exploring an open, sandbox known as Peh Island, which is part of the Vetrall Empire. What sets this apart from other similar perspective games like Diablo is the “Parkour Climbing System” that will let you freely traverse and climb obstacles no matter how high or how vast. There will be jumps, objects to hide in, patterns to memorize and massive structures you can climb within the sandbox world, all allowing you to chart your own path through the game.


Bad idea!

Stealth is a big part of the how the game plays out but it’s not the only way you can play. If you choose to make liberal use of it, you will be able to move from cover to cover, stealthily climbing about the environment and landing sneak attacks from all angles, even from above. But even though you are a thief, you can play as out in the open as you want, and the game will accommodate a variety of playstyles, allowing players to make use of ranged weaponry and a deep magic system that we will dig more into later. No matter how you decide to traverse the environment, the game’s parkour system will let you climb just about anywhere, giving you a ton of freedom  in how you move and operate.

When you decide to engage in combat, the encounters are going to be a challenge, and taking on 3 or more foes at once is going to be a tough proposition. You will have to plan for every engagement carefully making use of the environment, your gear and your wits to advance. This raising of the stakes seems like it will create a layer of focus for the game, similar to how players play a game like Thief or even Dark Souls.  Seven will give you the expected arsenal of equipment that you need in the game, from melee weapons, to ranged weapons and other gear, as well as a crafting system. Being a thief, you will also be able to make ample use of the items you steal.


Really fair, guys…

Magic is going to play a prominent role in the game, serving multiple uses from combat to utilitarian. There will be several types of magic present in the game’s inhabitants. “Technomagi Magic” users channel magic through firearms. “Wild Magic” is primal, unpredictable and deadly just as it is useful as herbalism. “Biomancy” is a spiritual science that merges biology and technology with a focus on improving the human body, such as healing. You will be able to choose from a variety of spells based on augmentations that you will find in the game and equip. The spells will run the gamut from damage dealing to creating confusion.


Can’t touch me!

You’ll be tackling a variety of different foes in the game, and not just humans. The world will be populated with a plethora of animals and monsters you will have to tangle with. Taking down these foes, especially the wilder beasts is going to require careful stalking and hunting. Planning your attack will allow you to gain the advantage or you can use stealth. Monsters can yield a bunch of rewards, including some valuable crafting recipes. Establishing yourself as a slayer of beasts can earn you money for hunting them down.

Different enemies have different vulnerabilities and adhere to their own rhythms and routines. If you don’t go in guns blazing and opt for efficiency you’ll be studying their patterns carefully. You can lure them around to your own ends, even bringing a monster along to an encampment to take out a group of bandits, making your life all the more easier.

The people who inhabit the land of Peh are a diverse assortment. As you explore and encounter new societies you’ll be able to make friends and enemies of the citizens. Getting in good graces with people can earn you help with fights, solving problems, and safe places to escape to. You’ll be able to grab quests to help those in need but also engage in some manipulative machinations, turning people against each other. The quests you will be engaging in will present you with a series of morality choices with down the road consequences. Each decision you make will be important, and some will have an effect on the attitudes of people in the towns.


There’s actually quite a lot going on here.

The people have organized themselves into multiple factions across the land. Each of these factions has their own alliances and enemies. How you interact with these factions will further affect how the world behaves towards you. You may find favor with one, but wind up with a bounty on your head by another.

Weather and time of day are also going to be factors in Seven.  Rain, storms and other inclement conditions obscure sight and muffle sounds. This can work in your favor as you can use these conditions to your advantage to move even more stealthily. Using the dark cover of night will allow you even more secrecy when moving about, especially when engaging in infiltration of facilities.

If Seven: The Days Long Gone  can manage to pull all of these seemingly disparate elements together in one cohesive package, the game has the potential to be a hit. The parkour climbing over the isometric perspective is a really creative element that allows you to see the whole area while you plan your moves. Having an option to go full stealth only sweetens that deal. We’re very intrigued by what Fool’s Theory is putting together and can’t wait to see more.

Seven: The Days Long Gone  is planned to be released on December 1st, 2017.

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